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Posted by on Dec 7, 2012 in Social Networks |

HootSuite allows us to manage our blog on WordPress

HootSuite allows us to manage our blog on WordPress

Today we wonder maintain multiple accounts on services available on the network, ie maintaining an account on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn and even a blog on any platform like . Given the wide range of services available and that surely visit quite often, there are tools like TweetDeck or HootSuite that allow us to integrate much of our activity on the network and manage all the information in a much more productive . Asked to compare tools, is one of the most comprehensive to be found in the number of services and options supported by the growing number of apps that expand the portfolio of services we can use and which, today, has expanded with new heavyweights : WordPress and Vimeo among others.

The catalog of applications HootSuite expands with the addition of, Vimeo, Via.Me, and Scripted Reachli; expanding collection of services we can manage from HootSuite dashboard and among those found Instagram, Tumblr, YouTube , Yammer, Flickr or Evernote.

What is the of WordPress on Hootsuite?’s Important to note that this integration is aimed at the WordPress based websites that stayed in our own hosting service, that is, those not staying at the platform offered Automattic. As is the case with the client for mobile devices WordPress with HootSuite integration requires that we have activated the protocol XML-RPC in our blog in addition to our WordPress at least in version 3.4.

With this scenario, we manage our blog posts from WordPress without having to go, really, to administer our website and therefore integrate dynamic publishing articles in the management of our social profiles (one very interesting to those who manage, professionally, company profiles and also manage a corporate blog). As in the mobile client from HootSuite can write new articles, access to comments, schedule posts or manage our blog pages comfortably (although we deployed WordPress multisite mode).

HootSuite allows us to manage our blog on WordPress image 2

Another integrations that from today, we can enjoy from Vimeo HootSuite is that, as with the other apps available, we will upload videos to our channel from HootSuite directly and you can manage the reviews we publish or publish our response.

With these additions are already 41 applications in HootSuite together at 8 supported services and offers a catalog of 49 options that build our dashboard and manage all of our online presence in a unified way.

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