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Posted by on Aug 20, 2012 in Uncategorized |

Hopper, share content between iOS devices and your desktop

Hopper, share content between iOS devices and your desktop

The other day my friend Randal took a few minutes to show us a very interesting utility with which to between your desktop and your smartphone or tablet our Android, specifically how to share clipboard contents desktop (temporary storage that are saved copy to paste things elsewhere). The idea sounds great though, of course, would be better able to expand the scope to iOS devices or to share information among multiple computers; requirements are met in a service called Hopper is also quite simple to use.

Hopper is a cloud service that bridges between our computer’s and our devices or other computadore s we have at home. The idea is to use the space to exchange the information flow in a convenient manner and, above all, simple.

The record in this application is very simple, we can link our Twitter account, the Facebook or use a username and password to activate your account and, from there, we can begin to share information using commands to copy / paste ( control-C/control-V celebrities) to copy from a source (a URL, a piece of text, etc.) and paste directly into Hopper (using Control-V). In addition, we can also drag files from your desktop to the browser window where they have open and will also be accessible from our iOS devices (your browser is supported by the service) or from other desktops. Similar to Pinterest , we can also create a button bar for quick access of your browser and send links to Hopper in a more comfortable and, above all, fast.

Hopper, share content between iOS devices and your desktop image 2

Links or files to send to Hopper will be displayed in a sort of stack where each of the elements we can add annotations or brief description and also will have a search engine to find anything we have previously submitted (although it advisable to keep only the things that are used frequently and “clean” the eliminating accumulated pile of things that have been used in a timely manner).

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