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Posted by on Oct 3, 2012 in Guides / Tips, Internet |

How to access the new YouTube layout from any browser

How to access the new YouTube layout from any browser

A few days ago Google began to show what will be the new YouTube design. Within hours of the first “test”, and images leaked enough users who had the chance to try, and even the way to prove even if not yet available to everyone.

What about the new design? Well, that looks very similar to what would be Google+ or even Google’s own search results. A minimalist touch that will surely raise good reviews but also win many detractors, is that this kind of thing happens constantly, with re-designs such as Twitter or Facebook, without going any further – Did you say Timeline? -

Let’s try it, regardless of the browser we use. To do this use the command console of each of the most popular and used market, here’s how to access it by us to use:

  • Google Chrome – Ctrl + Shift + J
  • Mozilla Firefox – Ctrl + Shift + K
  • Internet Explorer – F12 and select the Console tab
  • Opera – Ctrl + Shift + I

Once we are in the console, and we loaded the page, you must enter the following commands, which basically worth to activate the new design, and reload the page:

document.cookie=”VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE=u8uWhAyPa3U; path=/;”;window.location.reload();>

We can test the new design.

Personally I give the nod, and I encourage everyone to try to get ahead a little Google in this release will surely come in the coming weeks will inevitably, as did the rest of services – including YouTube – since it launched Google+ and the Mountain View company decided to completely change not only operation services interface but really popular.

What do you think of the new design? Interesting, or too minimalist?

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