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Posted by on Nov 16, 2012 in Internet |

How to activate the web interface now Spotify

How to activate the web interface now Spotify

It had been rumored that was preparing a to complement the access roads to the service and offer an alternative for users who can not install the desktop client on their computers. Yesterday, after an image filter, Spotify confirmed that indeed was working on this new web interface and opening a beta that would be reduced in the number of users.’s Web interface beta Spotify is already activated and accessible play . but if you can not access yet, there seems to be a little trick to do so .

The first option, of course, is to access the url of the service, ie but if that does not work access at Lifehacker have a clue that in my case I have followed and, for few hours, I have the opportunity to use the Spotify service from the browser.

And what is the way forward? All you have to do is access a link connected to Facebook and will access directly to a playlist of Cazzette from web interface. Once inside we will have complete freedom of action and we can access our playlists, the seeker, to news radio or Spotify as if we were in the desktop client.

How to activate the web interface now Spotify image 2

After using it for a long time being I must admit that the web interface of Spotify has left me a good impression and works really well, in fact, if you have multiple tabs open browser and Spotify in the background we can see that in the name the tab appears on the song timer.

For this interface Spotify is opening a gateway to users who, for example, can not install a desktop client on your computer at work and turn to services like Grooveshark or, recently, Google Play Music.

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