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Posted by on Nov 23, 2012 in Windows |

How to anchor any file to the home screen of Windows 8

How to anchor any file to the home screen of Windows 8

We continue with the series of articles on . In recent months we have talked a little about the new features of the operating system offered by Microsoft, focusing on the most attractive, which is perhaps the controversial new Metro interface. It focuses on a new Home screen that replaces the Start menu, and Windows Classic, which is based on tiles, small application shortcuts.

They may also have special content, and the Live Tiles show such data such as the current climate, or our contacts, to give some examples of native applications on the system. This is, at least, a way to put colorful eyes for the new Windows, and also try to sell Tablet-PC systems and portable devices, but do not forget that the tiles are basically shortcuts to applications.

Such applications can be either Windows 8, downloadable via the Windows Store, or another version of Windows, which normally use the classic desktop and create their tiles to install automatically. What we had not counted is that in addition to adding new elements like shortcuts, you can also create physical file Tiles for any of our records.

The way to do this is really simple with Tile A File, which is also a native application installer from the Windows Store .

Once installed, we found a tool whose sole function is to help pinear Tiles based custom file our record, in an attractive and simple. So just follow these steps:

  • Select a file
  • Select a name
  • Press Create Tile

The advantage over other applications is that we do not just applications, but that any content is selectable. In addition, double Tiles are created, allowing them more colorful and reduce them to save space we would like pre-installed applications in Windows 8.

Definitely a recommended application for those that usually install many applications and also they like to have handy your most used documents, tapping attractive and functional home screen of this new proposal from Microsoft.

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