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Posted by on Oct 16, 2012 in Guides / Tips |

How to automatically hide downloads bar on Chrome

How to automatically hide downloads bar on Chrome

Google Chrome is not only the most popular browser of the moment, but also one of the most comprehensive and yet simple. Simple because its interface is simple, which is proposed in Mountain View from the start. In just four years have managed to impose, among other things, the bar only for navigation and search.

Another advantage of using is that by default all your will go to a special folder for it. Of course we can always set it to download files in a folder of your choice or to be asked each time you start a download. One option that is missing, however, is not to show the downloads bar.

The download bar is the popup that appears when you start a download. From here we can see the remaining time of the discharge current and even launch the file once we have obtained is downloaded. How many times are we gonna do that? Surely not all. It may be good to see the bar while downloads are completed so watch that everything goes well, but once you have done is unnecessary to lose that space occupied by the bar and we remove it to navigation.

Fortunately, due to the large community of programmers who focus on improving aspects of Chrome, there is an extension for it. It’s called Always Clear Downloads , and allows us to automatically the bar once all downloads are complete. In fact, to avoid distractions, also removed from the list of completed downloads. If we resume the download history simply use the key combination Ctrl + J and so access the page for this special Chrome.

Some ideal uses for the extension can be mass downloading of images or any other files that usually take little time to complete and the hidden rear bar to continue enjoying the site. In certain moments may be useful to keep the bar and extension through the icon on the top bar can always disable it when convenient.

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