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Posted by on Dec 17, 2012 in Guides / Tips, Social Networks |

How to avoid the decrease of an online community

How to avoid the decrease of an online community

One of the main concerns of our customers when handling an account of social networks is to maintain or increase the number of followers. Although there are other factors that must be taken into account, the statistical generally is regarded by most makers. How is changing our community? While we are interested in aspects of the content or quality could say more, we have to be well above the numbers. And, most importantly, we need to know if a community explain decreases in number, because it will be an obvious question from the customer.

The are characterized by fluctuating numbers but tend to decrease if not administered correctly. Although many may think that with a proper advertising campaign, such as Social Ads on Facebook, we can maintain a good level, do not be fooled: the pattern at some point it will end and we will have to hold something that is unsustainable. A community of fans is not guided or kept in a sense worthless. So today we will talk about some tips to avoid the decrease of followers in online communities.

Why does it happen?

There are many ways through which you may our community numbers are falling. We will give some of the most popular reasons. But keep in mind that our daily work depends on the type of account you’re driving, and the amount of interest that has the client for its canals. If you have any interest and does not give us the resources to be able to work, then it really has no place to make a demand for this style. But we’re digress.

  • Answers: can users are following us because they need to contact us for any reason in particular. If we are unable to provide an answer, then look to someone who can, or leave our fanpage frustrated and stay with that idea of ​​the brand.
  • Publications sporadic: users tend to be attracted to interesting publications. So, if we do updates in a timespan users can forget about our fanpage, remember that they are following us and follow us stop to prevent spam.
  • Little contact with the customer: one reason why we are not doing the publications attract the interest of users is the lack of material. So we have to be in close contact with the customer to know what are the things I prefer about.
  • Completion of a contest: this is nothing negative and has nothing to do with things we do on our side. Sometimes when we finished a campaign related to a competition, many users began to follow purely and exclusively to stop doing this.
  • Too fanpages: another problem that can happen is that we find several fanpages being administered. It is best to centralize the brand image instead of having it spread in various parts of the same network.

How to fix it?

There is no recipe to prevent these things from happening, but we can also take precautions that can help us to not only keep our supporters, but also increase them. This is important especially if you just finished with a promotion and we want to keep our users “migrate” to another page without having to, well, build another similar promotion.

  • Planning: The planning of publications we can save many sorrows. Furthermore, we can program stops and we never forget that we must be aware of our fanpage, what can happen. Better to have everything ready in advance, but not too early to stay outdated.
  • Varied content: if we have a mind that usually have many promotions, or you want to publish a lot of product information, we need to know intersperse this with interesting content that can generate other types of interaction with users .
  • Assiduous publication: to alleviate one of the errors mentioned in our list of causes, we must publish a assiduously, considering the characteristics of each account. For example, although there are customers who come to insist that they want to have a single publication a week, we have to ask at least one a day, without even being in the newsfeed spammers customer.
  • Constant interaction: also in relation to one of the points mentioned above, it is important to be left up consultations on social networks. For this, we can do it ourselves or leave this task to another Community Manager, but the answers and the official presence of the brand must be present at all times.
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