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Posted by on Aug 9, 2012 in Guides / Tips |

How to backup your ebooks and read them in the cloud

How to backup your ebooks and read them in the cloud

We have spoken at length about the almost infinite possibilities that allows storage in the cloud. One we like is what allows us to store some documents that we are afraid of losing, for example, our electronic books. To move from device to device, we need not use a connector cable: the cloud can do for us.

Let’s review some of the most important tools on the market, home and teach them a way to “create” a personal cloud using and Dropbox. Each of these methods has its advantages and disadvantages, which we will also revise.

Amazon Cloud Reader

This is the best option for users of Kindle electronic book reader from Amazon. No talk here of the advantages of the device itself, but the benefits that own Amazon cloud brings. In case you did not know, Amazon is a pioneer in cloud computing, along with Google, and Reader Cloud apps are the most sophisticated version for avid readers.

Advantages: We have already told how best to use these applications , but to limit the storage, Reader Cloud takes care of it for us. Every time we buy a book through Amazon, we read it in our Kindle, but also synchronize this device with others in which we installed Cloud Reader. In addition, the application will record what the last page read and not have to look at where we stay whenever we begin to read.

Disadvantages: As you can guess, only lets us store and read the books I downloaded and privileges acquired through Amazon. As we know, though Amazon is one of the largest stores of electronic books is not the only one. Other projects such as Project Guttenberg allow us access to a huge catalog of books in different formats, so we take for granted that books of all backgrounds in our reader. And needless to say we can not have a Kindle, and lost to exploit many of these features.


Many of the e-book readers now have a web browser. Although in an experimental stage, with each new model features are refined connection, so do not doubt that this alternative will be the best. It is also very likely already have a account, so why not take advantage. The first thing to do is designate a folder within Dropbox where it will go our ebooks. Even with 2GB free account, we will have room to spare, since files are overweight.

After creating this folder, we have two options. One is to move everything manually, or, if you use an e-book manager as Calibre, we have to move the library to the location of Dropbox to allow automatic update each time we download a new copy. When you are fully synchronized, we can access Dropbox from the Kindle experimental browser or reader we have and download books directly to our device. To avoid typing the URL several times we can make Dropbox page as a favorite.

Advantages: unlike Amazon Cloud Reader, now we can access our entire library from where we are, no matter where you have downloaded. In addition, we save the trouble of having to connect your device whenever you want to add a new book that we know we have in our collection. Finally, the convenience of having everything available also allows to share it with other people, the folder with our ebooks can be safely located in the Public Folder Dropbox.

Disadvantages: not having to use the cable also takes away the advantage of saving battery by suspending the WiFi connection. Moreover, experimental browsers readers are not always ideal, and can be a bit cumbersome having to go to a web page to access the book. Finally, the process may prove to be a bit cumbersome due to the time it takes us.

EPUBReader + Dropbox

We may also use Dropbox with a Firefox extension called EPUBReader . What can this addon is to read ePub files (one of the most popular ebooks formats) directly in the browser, without having to download and then open another program or move to our reader. It saves us several steps. Combining this extension with Dropbox can access from anywhere to our collection of books. We just have to synchronize the library, as explained in the previous method, and install the extension on all our computers.

Advantages: what is so attractive to this method is its simplicity. Simply click on the Dropbox file can read, like an HTML document on the web.

Disadvantages: there are several disadvantages of EPUBReader. For one thing, just allows us to read only ePubs, a format not supported by Kindle. This can be remedied quietly with a format converter as Calibre, but we would be adding another step. Finally, we have no ability to access from mobile devices that do not have the extension.

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