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Posted by on Sep 13, 2012 in Mobile |

How to backup your SMS cloud in Android

How to backup your SMS cloud in Android

In the same way we spend, or should spend, time backing up the data stored on our computers, on our mobile devices also store data that, in many cases, want to preserve. Although thanks to the cloud can keep synchronized our emails or our images (with auto up Dropbox, for example), there is data that remains on our mobile terminal unless we use some application or connection cable to the computer. For a device to have Android , we can use the cloud to store our messages as a folder within our account Gmail , making them available at all times without having to hand the mobile terminal.

SMS + is an application and also free, which gives us the ability to back up your SMS from our terminal and storage in the Google cloud. What Google’s cloud? Indeed, all of our mobile device messages are stored in a folder of your Gmail account and, in this way, we backed up and available at all times.

In fact, in addition to text messages (SMS), the application allows you to save multimedia messages (MMS) and even the call log, which is pretty good because we keep track of all our business safe from any kind of mishap involving loss of data stored on the phone. In addition, if necessary, we can restore both SMS and call log in the terminal (for now MMS are not supported).

Another altenativa to this application, if you do not want to store messages in the cloud and look for an option to store on the SD card of your terminal is SMS Backup & Restore **+ . This application, which is also free, store the messages from our Android mobile device in an XML file that is saved to the SD card (and we can also schedule these backups are performed automatically).

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