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Posted by on Aug 22, 2012 in Windows |

How to be alert for an imminent hard drive failure

How to be alert for an imminent hard drive failure

Storage units, specifically the hard drive, remain to this day one of the cornerstones of any desktop or notebook computer, although the latter have changed a little. In it we store our data, and even today the cloud storage is the order of the day, it is still important to maintain good health with our traditional disks.

Technology, efficiency and speed of hard drives has evolved over the years, and even more remarkable is the large increase in capacity over years ago. This ability has created in us the need to save more content, much heavier, and also the information technology boom has made a higher percentage of people trust their documents to these mechanical parts.

Therefore it is essential to be aware of what might happen. A hard disk can fail at any time, but the increase in the noise level or the change thereof may be some evidence of imminent failure.

First, it is very important to keep our documents safeguarded with back up, but it is also a good idea to perform a periodic analysis with utilities like DiskCheckup for Windows.

is a tool for users, completely free and focuses on the Characteristics of the disks support SMART-that is, the vast majority of modern disks, to give us an overview of the health of the disk. Among the options that we are divided into convenient tabs, we have access to the following:

  • Device Information.
  • Information
  • SMART History
  • Disk Test

The first two will give us information on capacity, serial number, firmware that is installed, etc, while the third, disabled by default, you can store a history with the possible errors as they occur.

The latter gives us the ability to quickly analyze the disk in two modes, one fast and the other extended, in order to quickly find faults.

This is a great idea for those who have never tried their hard they do, but also to use regularly, every few months, because prevention is better than cure, and this also applies to the health of our hard drives.

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