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Posted by on Sep 10, 2012 in Social Networks, Web 2.0 |

How to check-in on Foursquare from your computer

How to check-in on Foursquare from your computer

is adding lists and other utilities to the site for a while. Obviously you want to take advantage of its role as prescriber and not linked only to let the experience of mobile phone use, including for instance also the Explore tab on your website. Thus, the same user can for example mobile Foursquare plan a trip using these tips when you are sitting at your PC.

But the site is missing something: to make check-ins from there. Foursquare course since its inception has focused its efforts on the mobile part of the game the same logic: to avoid traps, can not check-in from a device that does not have a GPS, in this case our cell phone, to confirm that the user is indeed there.

However, there are times when nomadic freelancers want to check in and have at hand a laptop or mobile computer. So while there was a pretty good app, FoursquareX, but was not updated after the second version of the Foursquare API, so it does not work anymore. Luckily, we have other options:

Mobile Web:

If you do not want to install anything, you can always go to the Foursquare mobile web and open it in your browser. You need to first tell your location and where you choose. Like most mobile browsers do not allow advanced options in this version can not upload photos or win Mayorships. Yes you can: score points with your check-ins, send a message (shout), see check-ins from your friends and add friends.

Mobile Web: Cotchin

There is a mobile web site much more complete, Cotchin , which also can be used without installing anything on your computer. With it you can find places near the location of the HTML5 using your browser, making it very easy to use.

Foursquare for Google Chrome (add-on)

Chrome has an extension to use Foursquare check-in and making, although as in the previous cases, these check-ins do not have to get mayorships. It is located on the top bar and displays a menu similar to the mobile when we click on it. From here you can also find friends, send a message to Facebook or Twitter and change the location.

FoursquareFox (add-on for Firefox)

To find another Firefox extension FoursquareFox consisting of a bar that is installed in your browser, although open separate windows for your options. Allows check-ins, send messages, take orders for friends, search, etc.. This tool takes your location based on your IP address so you do not have to look far.

Picture: Nuccia-Isalei

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