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Posted by on Nov 3, 2012 in Guides / Tips, Social Networks |

How to choose a good hashtag to use during an event

How to choose a good hashtag to use during an event

These days they are some tips for creating a successful on Twitter . But of course, creating hashtags depends entirely on the context in which we are located. What if we are making a coverage of an event? MariliĀ­n they also presented some tools for projecting tweets in an event, they are very helpful. Today we will talk about what the best choice of hashtag for event coverage.

The first thing we have to consider is the organization. Are we the organizers of the event or are attending an event in third? If we are dealing with the first option, do not stop reading what are some ideas for organizing an event through social networks today can not but know. Of these two conditions also depend hashtag organization.

Another important aspect is the way that will support our users. Are we doing something globally? Do we can follow a webcast? Are we really at the event or watching it via streaming?

And finally, another aspect to consider is the way in which we communicate coverage. Are we going to mention trivia event? Will you be relaxed or have a more journalistic approach to the issue, only reporting what is suciediendo? This is very important to maintain a line of communication throughout the event. Are we going to have several people doing coverage? Are we going to include users by RT your messages? This is something we can leave for another post.

All these things must be considered when creating the hashtag. Obviously this has to be done in advance, a few days before the event that we will cover not only by organizational issues, but also because through social networks can be generating some anticipation. What are the things we have to have our hashtag?

  • Brief: we can not create a lengthy hashtag. For obvious reasons. We must ensure that the people who attend and the people who are following it through can easily remember to Tweet without having to consult the spelling. So it has to be short. Are we going to a conference of Video Cameras and film equipment? It can not be # ConferenciadeVideoCamarasyEquiposdeCine because I have already died of boredom typing. Imagine if someone has to write from a mobile. # Stands CVCEC2012 better, for example. It is also difficult, right? Another option may be # ConfVideoCamaras, much shorter.
  • Simple: to use and remember. As we said, we will have users inside and outside of the event that will be following and commenting. Most likely they are using a mobile, with all the disadvantages that can have that to write a hashtag already challenging all our conceptions spelling.
  • Highly monitored: the hashtag has to be unique. You can use 2 or 3 hashtags while because it will be disseminating information in different ways and not helpful. This can ensure, for example, with posters in the same event or tweetwall where we can see what the hashtag being used. But keep in mind when we use that many people will be watching. Therefore we can not start using another hashtag in the middle of the coverage because we feel better. You have to decide beforehand, inform the media that they will be covering, and monitoring it constantly to ensure that everyone is using the correct hashtag.
  • Related: obvious. If we are covering an event on camera, can not be the hashtag # Cameras. There will be another million Spanish speakers talking about cameras at the time, they can not be doing just about the event in which we are. A good hashtag should include as far as possible the name of the conference or event, or product name, the country where you are doing, and year.

Of course, these four tips are just that, suggestions. We have a very stubborn customer who wants the full name of the event in the hashtag, or we can make mistakes when we are doing the coverage because it is a time of great pressure. But you can negotiate hashtag and pressure, handle. There are more ways to generate a hashtag to work in an event, something called acquiring a little more practice. The coverage of events by Twitter are fun, so if you have not yet, is a good time to start.

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