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Posted by on Aug 24, 2012 in Social Networks |

How to choose your custom URL on Google+

How to choose your vanity URL

The refers to the domain of your profile page and is offering a custom address social networks, and in some cases can be chosen by the user, such as in the case of for some time and now also on Google+.

A vanity URL is usually shorter, can be more easily remembered by those who seek it and is very beneficial for the purpose of positioning of that page in search engines, so if you get to choose it, they should leave it set soon.

Yesterday Google+ began activate some users vanity URL service which had announced a few days ago. To some of us, entering the profile a banner we suggested a vanity URL formed by our full name as it appears on G+ personal page.

How to choose your vanity URL image 2

Remembering Google+ obsession with the theme of identity and verification of the profiles (to the point of not allowing nicknames at first and then actively recommend the use of “legal name”, ie the user’s full name in the ” real world “) understand that the vanity URL to us is the corresponding pre-booked our name.

Do not give us the option to change it directly but to seek another, warning that this should correspond to a name “by which we are known on the Internet usually” or name “normally associated with our organization or brand.”

How to choose your vanity URL image 3

Now also recommend us to continue to maintain this nomenclature and only switch to another if we are more known for that, so it is not clear whether such adopted the nickname you use on Twitter before your real name. In my case I have asked but I have yet to confirm that before I give it the name you had preapproved (my name).

Apparently users who are offering this service are first verified users of Google+, as Google announced a few weeks ago, which would be a first step before offering the rest.

Since Google rankings internet means, it is obvious that it is best to ask as you get a chance, especially when in their ToS announce they could start charging for shorter addresses . To go thinking how to be your vanity URL we leave a number of points to keep in mind for when your turn:

  • Make it as short as possible.
  • Representative: if staff, put your name, if the page of your company or product, the name.
  • No strange characters: the emoticons or symbols can be very friendly chat but they are not the best for your vanity URL.
  • No abbreviations
  • No rare combinations of words
  • Catchy
  • That matches the theme of your site
  • Unifying, which is the same as you have in other websites or services.
  • Keep the service you suggested, and only change it if you really are better known by another name or nickname.

If you had a problem with your vanity URL and you activated or not registered and verified it would be good to let a comment below to know when to begin to open this option to other users.

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