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Posted by on Dec 3, 2012 in Web 2.0 |

How to convert PDF files to the cloud

How to convert PDF files to the cloud

The PDF format is very handy and we should use it quite often. Although it has some inconveniences, if we have the right tools can be a great business partner. Now, one of the biggest problems we have when using is the format. With multiple operating systems, and different computers, the issue of compatibility is important, so that the use of PDF is recommended. What can happen if the font is changed to a presentation when we pass a file. Ppt instead of PDF? This format allows us to have more control over what you’re sending.

Fortunately, today many of the most commonly used applications, such as Word or PowerPoint, let us keep our documents as PDF, but it can always fail with other formats, or can be used by another program. So we always have to keep in mind a converter. And today we’ll talk about a very practical called easyPDF Cloud , which has the convenience of just letting us do the conversions in the cloud to avoid having to go installing programs that may not need to use more than a couple of times.

With Cloud easyPDF can convert more than one file at a time, set out in detail the files that we create, encrypt them in if needed, plus free storage in the cloud provided by this service. One of the most interesting features that gives us is an integration with Dropbox to synchronize the files in this folder that we converted, making it easier, for example, share them with colleagues or clients.

To start using it, we simply create a new account-course option is accessed from the top bar, right-and enter our contact information. After receiving a confirmation email, we are ready to use this platform. When we enter our username and password, we find a side panel where you have the options to work. First, create a PDF, and then, the possibility of a document from PDF to Word for more tools.

The good thing is that we provides many configuration options, such as adding files directly from your computer or use a website to convert. In my case I selected a file from my computer, which was soon identified. When you have selected the file, we will have to press the button to start giving the conversion process, which is also super simple. All we have to keep in mind is that the button to start the process is in the right leg, not the left.

In total, the process took me no more than a few seconds, and the same is about converting PDF to Word. Soon I was ready several PDFs that went perfect and that could be opened from multiple computers. We have a file size limit of 25MB, which should be no problem because we should not be handling files larger than this size to send as attachments in an email.

Another of the great benefits of this application is that it is completely free. When using a conversion program, we’re probably accessing have advertising, or have to use complicated software, or it takes too long to do the conversions. EasyPDF Cloud has proven to be a practical tool that, we must keep in our favorites before you have an emergency related to document formats.

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