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Posted by on Aug 7, 2012 in Guides / Tips, Internet, Multimedia |

How to convert your media files from the cloud

How to convert your media files from the cloud

Lately we focused a lot in taking full advantage of it to the computer independently. Let me explain: To take full advantage of the same through the cloud, a term used to refer to everything that is now possible thanks to the Internet .

And formerly, perhaps to play music, videos or other content was necessary to download or install them from CD-, DVD, floppy … – heavy or programs that could meet our needs.

After talking among other things, how to edit video directly from the cloud , today I want to talk about something really interesting possibility: that of converting media files directly on the Internet, without desktop applications.

And to do all the services available on the Internet, which are few, perhaps the most simple and interesting is Online-Convert , which not only helps us with video and audio files but also with other popular content today: ebooks, images, compressed files

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And what are the reasons that may lead to use an online converter rather than a local one? Usually it is unusual transactions, you can say … and it’s absolutely true, although depending on the environment in which we find a converter online can have its advantages. For example, in corporate environment might not have permissions to install applications on your computer, and probably to get-if-we have to wait a while we may not have.

Instead what we do have is an Internet connection, and leave everything in the hands of Online-Conver enough for us. We just need to follow these steps:

  • Choose the source format
  • Upload the file you want to convert
  • Set the conversion options (quality, bitrate, etc)
  • Press the convert button

Once we reach the last point, it will show a page with the status of the conversion, and after it you can download the file already converted, with option to be notified by email if you do not want to wait for the same end.

The real value is that despite being a free-limited to 100mb, and open to 1GB for Premium-accounts can choose lots of options depending on the format you’re converting, for example, sound normalization, edition of the installments of time, etc..

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