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Posted by on Oct 16, 2012 in Guides / Tips |

How to create an attractive resume online

How to create an attractive resume online

Today, to have a on paper is not enough. Yesterday we told you how you can use some online tools to create portfolios , and today we will be devoting to review and recommend some platforms that allow us to create attractive online resumes, with a significant visual difference, and how much of free. These tools are aligned with the times, and using them will not feel outdated carrying in his hand a Word template printed.

  • : this is one of the newer tools that are in the web, and its differential value lies in the way we view our professional and academic experience. It’s simple, leaving others to quickly appreciate the things we want to emphasize in our curriculum. The CVs of this service are organized so as to respond quickly to any questions you may have human resources managers of the companies to which we postulate.

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  • : we talked at length about, especially with the help we gave Eduardo to create your online CV . lets you create a business card that, ultimately, is a quick way to make ourselves known to the world. The service has a great deal of customization tools that allow us to eg add background images, colors, and more.
  • cvmkr : the charm of this tool lies in its simplicity. With it we can create our curriculum very easily, without making us too many problems. To use it we need to create an account, after which we can access a panel in which we have to fill our personal and professional information. This information will then be organized into different templates minimalist look.

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  • VisualCV : another service that believes in the importance of visual CV but aesthetics aside we have with cvgram creative. We can choose between different models styling ours, but we also have access to a database of companies that are in job searches to bring nearer the CV. It is, ultimately, a creator of resumes added to a job.
  • CeeVee : with this tool we also have access to a job board, where we can organize our personal information creatively. For Europeans, are currently doing a cover of the European Career Fair, for example. One of its main features is that it lets you connect with Facebook, forming a community of friends and another way to find employment proposals.
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