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Posted by on Nov 14, 2012 in Social Networks |

How to delete contacts on LinkedIn?

How to delete contacts on LinkedIn?

has become the benchmark for many professionals around the world, a social network in which connections with other professionals, seek business opportunities or aim for an improvement in our own careers. Since this is a social network, connect and interact with other users is one of the fundamental pillars of the dynamics of service use and, of course, it is important not to lose the north and manage contacts properly , avoiding bad practices like add to contacts at close range (either sending connection requests to people you do not know or accepting everything that comes).

As often happens in many aspects of our lives, when we look back and analyze what we have been doing, we may realize that we have made professional connections on LinkedIn that we do not add anything or that, for example, have become for spammers only looking to sell their products or services.

In networks like Twitter or Facebook, to break a connection is more or less obvious since the buttons to make a unfollow or remove someone from our friends are functions that are quite affordable and can use them quite easily. However, LinkedIn is not obvious and there are many users who have assumed that the connections made can not be broken (unless disenrolled us or we believe a new user).

Although not a very prominent feature being to remove a contact have to access the contacts section of LinkedIn and, once there, in the upper right corner of the window that displays all our contacts to find a link which access this functionality.

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Once we click on this link, LinkedIn will list all our contacts and we added a checkbox to select those who want to remove and also see a button to proceed with removal.

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Why should delete contacts on LinkedIn? Establish a connection with another user or break it, basically, is a personal decision that each must weigh properly. At first, many users who want to “knead contacts” with the false belief that the amount is a relevant indicator (rather than the quality thereof) and end up having a very diverse portfolio of contacts with users moving in sectors in which we will hardly cross.

On the other hand, if there comes a time when we decided to open another account because we are sending many spam messages, instead of starting from scratch, applying a purge our contacts can be a good option. In fact, it is not uncommon to find people who precisely is generating new profiles as time passes and, ultimately, we can accumulate more than one contact (or profile) of the same individual (which does not make much sense).

Personally I think more than clear contacts, the most important thing is to manage our network properly, ie adding to our network contacts that we believe will give us courage to be honest in the connections we make (avoiding saying “we’re friends” when no we are so outwit LinkedIn) and logically accepting requests we receive certain criteria.

LinkedIn offers many resources users (groups, pages for business or questions and answers) that lead us to interact with people, talking with them about resources that can be exploited to establish preliminary contacts to be laying a bridge with other professionals eventually end up in a connection that surely we address rarely remove.

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