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Posted by on Sep 27, 2012 in Multimedia |

How to download our videos on YouTube

How to download our videos on YouTube

YouTube is the largest Video container that can be found on the net, a place where we can find material about any subject and with each minute that passes is raised the equivalent of 20 hours of video. In the years since this service running, many users who have helped to increase the available content by uploading their own videos or, for example, recording a hangout on air (which are stored on YouTube) but, despite we can upload our videos, download them for reuse is something that used to be anything but simple.

There are extensions such as Easy YouTube Video Downloader for Firefox, with which we can download any video on visit (or unburden audio only) but so far, does not offer any direct way with which to download a our own content.

From now, YouTube is integrated within the service Google Takeout , a service which, although not well known, is available to users so they can download a backup of the information that Google stores on activity in their services. Among the list of services which can support information can be found on web pages that we have made with the +1 Google button, our activity on Google Buzz, export our Google+ circles, export your contacts, files stored in Google Drive among other services but also from today YouTube joins the options available.

Download the videos you’ve uploaded to YouTube will be something quite simple since, after accessing Google Takeout, select the services you want to support (ie, download data in our computer) and Google will prepare a file for download (and For take some time to prepare it will notify us by email so that we know that everything is ready). Yes, it is important to note that we may download only those videos that are of our authorship and therefore recognize that YouTube are original and do not violate any terms of service.

One thing to keep in mind if, for example, shuffle us from the service and want to keep a copy of all our activity.

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