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Posted by on Nov 23, 2012 in Guides / Tips |

How to download the ISO of Windows 8 for installation

How to download the ISO of Windows 8 for installation

Windows 8 is unquestionably and like it or not I like it enough, one of the products of the year. This is one step closer to the most used operating system in the world at the user level and desktop, and now there are millions who have wanted to try. So we have been throwing here a series of notes about it, including of course we have included pre-installation tips or even how to install it from a USB drive .

However, what happens if you do not have an to install from USB? It may be that we have purchased an upgrade and followed the wizard on the screen, or we may have a new computer with a preinstalled copy. What if you need the original or reinstalling want one or another reason?

If we are in that case and do not have the DVD, we can get an original and legitimate copy of directly from its official site. Of course, we will need a valid license to activate it, but that is something that we should already have if you have previously installed. Here I give you the steps to download Windows 8 from Microsoft’s servers:

  • First, access the official website of Windows 8 .
  • The following is click the install button and download the app to install Windows 8.
  • We will request a password. Here we introduce the key that we have from our previous installation of Windows 8, or use the following generic code:


Once the application has verified the key, we will choose to install Windows 8 or create an installation disk.

Keep in mind that the key entered during the download / intalacion has nothing to do with the activation key, ie the actual license Windows 8, something that we must face our power to enjoy the operating system beyond the 30 day trial.

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