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Posted by on Sep 18, 2012 in Windows |

How to easily monitor wireless networks around us

How to easily monitor wireless networks around us

Although we have always given importance Bitelia seems that lately we have not published many useful notes on networks , a connection type and fully extended and surely ye using-I do at least two devices right now.

As you know, although it is a user-level technology that is really easy to use, it is important to know, for example, the types of security to which we welcome us to protect our networks, but now will not talk exactly about that, but monitoring networks our environment.

A tool that can be used for this, and that certainly spoke recently with his arrival in Android , is inSSIDer, which analyzes the networks of our environment and we are particularly well connected to tell us what are the best settings for use. Another tool, where you want to focus this article is WifiInfoView, I discover thanks to Addictive Tips .

The name WifiInfoView says it all: This is a utility that can see advanced information WiFi networks around us, such as:

  • SSID or network name
  • MAC address of the adapter
  • Type PHY / processor adapter
  • RSSI
  • Signal Quality
  • Emission frequency and channel

And a bunch more like data transfer and connection speeds, so that we can filter setting options-well sort column. As you can see, the input is already a very complete tool, but there is more.

Selecting each of the networks can access more information in the lower panel, which is in hexadecimal. All this information, and the former can be exported as HTML report.

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