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Posted by on Nov 15, 2012 in Features, Guides / Tips, Social Networks |

How to get more followers on Twitter

How to get more followers on Twitter

Often users confuse some realities that are experienced in different social networks. For those of us on the other side of this confusion is a bit more difficult: we know, for example, that Twitter has its own dynamic and differs from that of Facebook. But fortunately more and more users are internalizing these unspoken rules of social networks so sometimes the “success” of a account is not measured by the number of followers but by the quality of the interaction we have with them. Which does not mean that our customers expect from us an increase in the number of followers.

With Facebook’s response to this week is much simpler. We plan a campaign of Social Ads and Sponsored Stories, among other formats of advertising on the platform, and is being compensated with a fun contest or action that encourages users to share our page with your friends. In other words, Facebook is much easier to “buy” fans to buy Twitter followers. In fact, the platform of the bird has some things that are for us a bump in the road: it is quite expensive, so do not resist at first reluctantly customer spending, does not guarantee anything, which means that a campaign can function as we may be paying each of the followers too expensive, and is very unstable. Will keep the conversation on Twitter advertising otherwise.

If we can not advertise for more fans, but we have an order that tells us that we have to increase the amount of followers-order nefarious, in my opinion, often does not consider the quality of interaction is happening in a Twitter Account – we have several ways to do this. Unfortunately some of these ways are closer to spam than others. Some have seen CM world and we have to admit that we have done all. So we know that there are actually no success. These bad practices translate into:

  • Rogar RTs to celebrities or relevant platform
  • Create campaigns dummy viralizar nonexistent or promise gifts
  • Follow then ask users across a mention that we start following
  • Constantly interact-and uninvited-with users who are following us
  • Other illegal practices with service providers that say “guarantee” give us more followers
  • Rename existing accounts to corner those followers

Needless to say that these things do not ever have to do. Let a brand girl who can not afford advertising, or being a big brand that does not want to waste budget. Venial sins are in search of more followers.

Moreover, none of these practices effectively guarantees that we will add more followers. In fact, you might even just annoying that we already have. In my opinion, the best way to get more followers is that the account is unique, special, that make you want to follow. We can invest in advertising but we can also harness the power of word of mouth that has internet. If at first we have few users, these users try to be faithful, we mention your contacts, talk to us. It’s like a first date: try, but note that we are not trying too.

Now, we know what we have to do, but ultimately, it does not help us to have more followers. Then I will make three suggestions to get more followers on Twitter in an organic form, and not bother anyone. But I have to clarify that the overnight not going to be a massive note: we need to heal our collection of followers, encourage those who already have, and more. Caring so without losing sight of our growth projections. And this is something that we must also make it clear to our customers that we are most likely going to be asking this absurd growth in a few days. The results will be commensurate with the amount of money spent, this is a great response! looking for immediate results without any investment.

Ask him to our Facebook fans also follow us on Twitter? There. Facebook is Facebook, Twitter is something else, I do not see why we have to mix two platforms, sorry for all those who insist in sync, they have nothing to do. Communication strategies have to be completely different, and although we can say a couple of times at first also can follow us on Twitter, you should not go beyond that or become a stable content-eg, every week to remember that “Also we can follow on Twitter.” No Thanks!

1. Create funny slogans

Let’s admit it, many people use Twitter to waste time. Every day in the Trending Topics find slogans that have nothing to do with that spirit that often informative claims to have this platform. We can get on the wave of the Trending Topic, creating funny slogans to participate our users. Do we want to be TT? This should not be our primary goal, and we tell them when we talk about the keys to creating a good hashtag . If it happens, that’s great, if not, the key is to retain users who already have, for example, setting up collaborative playlists on Friday, sharing photos, plus those users getting the hashtag positioned between friends. Some branding at this time is not too bad because we need to be reminded, imprinting in the memory of our users. With some creativity, this can be achieved without problems.

2. Plan interesting contests

Another factor that motivates users to follow certain brands is offering prizes. Sometimes it does not have to be a super big prize: we can ask our customer to invest in tickets for the cinema. With this you can assemble the funny slogan we talked about in the previous section to motivate users to participate with this small incentive.

Of course, when bigger the prize the more chances we have to add more followers. What is the best way to do this? We can plan a successful contest, for example, asking our supporters to make a tweet with a particular phrase and a hashtag. Depend on each community and each profile type has to know what action we need to take forward. The important thing is getting them to talk to us to motivate users to follow.

3. Identify opinion leaders

Finally, Twitter can also find opinion leaders. These are people who have a lot of followers without necessarily being “Tweet Stars” and can have an emotional bond with the brand you’re representing. Users can also be simple to set this same connection but only have a few hundred followers. In the first instance, with this we will be more than fine. These opinion leaders are responsible for the content interesting play-key we’re doing this, we are publishing, and interact and tell your friends and contacts about our existence. Identifying opinion leaders within our followers is crucial when we are just starting with a Twitter account, but also super functional if we need to make it grow.

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