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Posted by on Nov 29, 2012 in Mobile |

How to improve my productivity Sleep Cycle through sleep cycles

How to improve my productivity Sleep Cycle through sleep cycles

We all happened: several hours of but wake up facts about zombies and sometimes wake up great despite having slept little. Why does this happen? It is related to sleep cycles and when the clock breaks in them. If we can define what time our cycle is “closed”, and woke up after exiting deep sleep naturally, we will rise to a sense of well rested and avoid feelings of fatigue and drowsiness, also called “sleep inertia” .

The things that happen in our heads while we sleep is one of the greatest mysteries of this world but with the help of brain scans have failed to define a stage we all experience: basically the REM (Rapid Eye Movements in English, rapid eye movement) and REM failure, and other intermediate stages.

In 2005 began to appear on the market with alarm clocks can detect the lightest state of sleep to wake up at that time. Accelerometers of smartphones today are ideal for this as they record involuntary movements we do in our sleep and translate them into an outline to show our sleep cycles during the night. Applications like Sleep Cycle use this to know when is best wake attending our sleep cycle. Place the mobile device on the bed with the touch screen down so that captures all involuntary movements we do in our sleep.

What is it for our sleep monitor

Start using it made me feel better in general during the day, because firstly, the application fulfills its purpose, which is the best time to wake you from your sleep.

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One must define what hour maximum must be raised and what time frame to give the application before we can awaken. Half hour is recommended, so that for example, if we have to wake up at 8, from 7.30 might sound our phone when it detects that we are in the phase of light sleep. If we have not reached, however wake us on time.

But second, and equally important, this app has made me aware of the quality of rest, something that normally you tend to neglect. I love review all statistics and data generated from the hours of sleep, and this was what made me realize that such things as rarely sleep more than six hours, and then it became very important that those hours actually repair (which is not always the case, which also notice looking graphics).

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The dream is wavy shape: a hypnograma is a record of our dream, and in it we can see how we are sinking into sleep, and then returning to the REM state, to go into a light sleep and then restart the next cycle Sleep. Each cycle lasts about 90 minutes, and in the first cycle is normal sleep is deeper than in the following.

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One of the things I like about is that, besides leaving barely registered how you wake up you wake up (good, bad, fair) you can set your “Sleep notes”, ie notes you add to your day to day and you want to collect as variables to see how they affect your sleep. For example: coffee or tea, late dinner, exercising or having a stressful day, and then draw conclusions as sums nights with your records.

It has been said that this application was false information and not actually measured sleep cycles, and some users showed graphs with peaks that were obtained by simply putting the smartphone on a table. But then it was shown that these accusations were wrong. Besides that most users have noted that the data is legitimate and correspond with reality, sleep specialists, as Robert Geck, the Sleep Disorders Institute in Tampa, have compared its performance with that of an electroencephalogram , confirming its effectiveness , although obviously the app does not have the complexity of a study of this nature.

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What may happen is that the sensor is, pun intended, very sensitive and sometimes may need one or two days until it is properly calibrated accelerometer. When calibrated, Sleep Cycle is extremely sensitive to movement, can detect even very slight vibration. For example, a street truck passing outside. When placed on the flat surface iPhone, Sleep Cycle detects very little motion and therefore assumes that the user’s movements are very difficult to detect, so it enters a mode in which every stroke is treated much relevance, and why make a big spike in the graph.

Other apps to monitor sleep

Sleep Cycle is available for both iOS (iPhone and iPad), by 0.89 euros to Android for 1.49 euros. Although it is the most recommended, there are other similar applications that help you wake up in the optimum state.

  • Absalt EasyWakeup is an application of the same type, which also has the alarm function on the basis of your dream states and collects statistics and data. It is right now at a discount of 50% for iOS and costs 4.49 euros.
  • Smart Alarm Clock FREE: sleep cycles & phases : Simpler than the rest this app is available for free for Android but does not work on the latest devices such as the Nexus One, because its developer has admitted he has pending update. In iTunes can find to 0.89 euros for iOS .

Images: Wikipedia and HaoJan

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