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Posted by on Nov 9, 2012 in Software |

How to install Flash Player on Android Jelly Bean

How to install Flash Player on Android Jelly Bean

The Adobe last August marked the end point in an era that identified the Android OS devices as those who “led the mobile web browsing from the” thanks to have Flash Player support, although this is not entirely true since, as is well known, even by Adobe, Flash never worked perfectly, so HTML5 supplant promised for years and leave in oblivion. And that is why managers of Flash Player have surrendered and have dropped support for most platforms, including Android.

The future is HTML5, a platform that works well, is faster, much more stable, and with universal support (with a few exceptions). However, there are still many web pages that run Flash content, although not the largest or popular like all Google web services (YouTube, GMail, etc.) and social networks were among the first to give the jump to HTML5. That is why if you have foreign support Flash on your Android handset, there is still a way, and it’s pretty simple.

For Android devices with OS version 4.0 or lower had already installed Flash Player, the best you can do is not uninstall because currently not on Google Play Store , and I should clarify, never coming back.

But if you’re one of the users who already have some of the latest versions of the operating system, Android Jelly Bean, in either version 4.1 or 4.2, and want to install Flash Player, this simple tutorial is for you.

Steps to install Flash Player on Android

Although the procedure is very simple and probably experienced users already know and need no introduction, explain in detail so that anyone, from the least experienced on the platform can do.

The first thing we need, obviously, is a device, smartphone or tablet, running Android version 4.1 or higher. We must also download the APK file from Flash Player for Android . If not know, an APK file is just an application executable on mobile operating system. Is such as files. EXE in Windows.

The terminal will not allow us to install this file without giving the necessary permissions. This is as simple as go to the Settings menu and settings, in this section you access the Security and there we enable the checkbox labeled “Unknown sources”, allowing us to install applications that are not from Google Play.

Finally, we look for the APK file that you downloaded and installed simply by pressing on it. After that we just need a web browser that supports Flash Player, and the best choice is Firefox, which we can download from the PlayStation Store and is compatible with both phones and tablets, plus it has a spectacular interface.

After these steps, you can begin to view and access such perfection that even websites have Flash content, without any problem.

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