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Posted by on Nov 12, 2012 in Guides / Tips, Windows |

How to install Windows 8 from a USB drive

How to install Windows 8 from a USB drive

A few weeks ago launched a product that is creating quite controversial but it will definitely be one of the most used in the coming years. I’m talking about , new version in the family of desktop operating systems offered by Microsoft, and includes important new features not just visually, with the new Metro interface, but also functional, taking Windows a step further in terms of security, stability and performance is concerned.

Since they were launched early versions of Windows consumer computing has changed a lot. For starters, today almost everyone has at least one computer at home. People are much more trained and aware, and Windows is not a word foreign to anyone. Even Ubuntu or Linux are free, but back to the Microsoft. Early versions were offered in diskettes, an obsolete physical format that was followed by the CD-ROM, and its evolution, the DVD, where Windows still marketed today, but of course is also offered as a digital download.

Today may not be very common to have a DVD ROM drive on your computer. In fact, in the notebook in which I write these lines I do not have one. The popularization of purely digital content consumption, leaving BluRay and DVD, is a fact and something that gradually eventually become a reality: Why be tied to a physical format that eventually would end up switching back ? Industry is the answer, but fortunately, and finally, it is changing.

If you are reading this article because you are regular readers of the blog, or probably because ye looking for a way to install Windows without having to burn the image to a DVD, using your favorite drive. Right? The steps are really simple to do, and also come from the hand of one’s Microsoft, that Windows 7 has already launched a tool for this purpose.

How to install Windows 8 from a USB drive image 2

  • Download the usefulness of Microsoft USB. Microsoft offers a utility to download our Windows 7 image, also valid for Windows 8. It is a free tool that weighs a few kilobytes and find in the Microsoft Store . Installation is very simple and does not even require you to specify the destination directory.
  • Choose the image. The next step is to select the ISO image that we have the operating system, and probably downloaded from Microsoft’s servers. Use it with the tool is as simple as opening the File Search dialog, select it and click Next.
  • Select the USB drive. In the next step we will be asked to specify a drive to burn the image. We select our reading unit or DVD recorder, as we are interested in this case, the USB drive. It will ask if you are sure to use this unit, and will alert us that the contents of it are deleted previously.
  • Set the BIOS to boot from USB. After the copy of the image to the USB drive, and once we have prepared our team for the installation of the new system, we set it to boot from the USB drive and newly created image bootable. In most systems the Delete key or F2 enough to enter the BIOS Setup. There we find the BOOT section and select the USB drive as first drive. After saving the changes and reboot, esteremos Setup in Windows 8, if that is the version you are installing.

The entire process is not only simple but take little time, with that we are using a USB 2.0 or, if possible, 3.0, whose transfer rate is even higher. Once we installed the system can choose to disable USB boot, or maybe leave it on as it will only work with units containing a bootable image, jumping to the second device from the list, the hard drive or optical drive, when the it is not.

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