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Posted by on Sep 6, 2012 in Internet |

How to integrate Dropbox with Thunderbird

How to integrate Dropbox with Thunderbird

At Thunderbird we have spent, on more than one occasion, a few minutes since it is one of the best email clients that we can find on the net (and also is a free software project). One feature of this manager is its flexibility and multiple customization options that can be found thanks to the number of extensions available with which we can expand the capabilities of this application and adapt better to our needs. Just a week ago that Thunderbird was updated to version 15 and, among the many new features (Twitter integration, support for chat services, etc.), we find support for Ubuntu One (the service offering Canonical) In addition to using YouSendIt to exchange links with our contacts and not penalize their mailboxes sending attachments.

This functionality offered Thunderbird is very interesting because instead of sending attachments in our mailbox (mailbox penalizing our contacts and our own mailbox if we keep our copy sent folder) you do is upload the files to a service the cloud and send a link for download when they see fit. While Ubuntu One and YouSendIt are fine, one of the most popular services is and natively, Thunderbird does not support it but that does not mean they can not use the service because the extension Dropbox for FileLink we will work with Dropbox and use as swap space with other users.

With the extension for FileLink Dropbox Dropbox may use within Thunderbird FileLink function, ie, we can use Dropbox as storage attachments of our messages, making them always available from the cloud, without having to saturate the mailbox users to be contacted (and helping them to download their messages faster).

How to integrate Dropbox with Thunderbird image 2

Once we install the extension we will have to Thunderbird options and select the service to proceed to set it up with our own. After validarnos in Dropbox (and link our CCOUNT), all we subtract is to define the size of the files that threshold to consider, rather than attached to the message, is used as storage Dropbox (and post a link in the message ). Moreover, that we always used space control from FileLink can see a graph with the space we have in Dropbox and what we have occupied.

How to integrate Dropbox with Thunderbird image 3

An extension that is worth having configured to always be ready if need be and have to exchange information on a lot of weight.

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