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Posted by on Oct 30, 2012 in Social Networks |

How to integrate WordPress Instagram

How to integrate WordPress Instagram

is one of the most popular services that can be found on the network, a social network for sharing photos we took from our mobile and that after its release, we can publish on our Facebook profile or share via Twitter. Since Android landed in last spring, the growth experienced by this service has been huge and, the truth is that among so many different users can find very good images to make them more visible and, of course, also want to bring greater visibility to which we climbed.

Besides sharing via Facebook or Twitter, our blog can be a good place to expose the images, for example, as part of one of the articles that we publish. One way of doing this would be something coarse unburden the image and insert it in our article (or do not recommended hotlinking), however, lose that way the user reference, comments or likes you received the snapshot. users, ie the free hosting service that offers Automattic blogs, you have much easier today because adds support for Instagram , that is, while we publish a new article, if we include the url of an image of Instagram (which someone shared via Twitter), automatically the link will become the image and if someone clicks on it will open the original page image and, therefore, will have accessible comments or likes.

With this integration, the process is simplified enough and, no doubt, the result is much more elegant to do a hotlink to the image (losing the reference to the activity that is generated around the image). If we use the url of the photo, it will show the largest possible but there is a chance to play with the size using [instagram url= width=275] .

How to integrate WordPress Instagram image 2

How to integrate WordPress Instagram image 3

What about users who maintain their own blog on a hosting? There no possibility of integrating Instagram? By default this integration does not exist but it is true that we can include, for example, using a plugin of existing ones. A good way to do this is through Instagram for WordPress that, besides offering a widget in which to exhibit the pictures we took, we can also insert images from Instagram in a very simple, using embed code of the form [instagram url='' size='large' addlink='no'] .

An integration Interestingly enough, of course, can help maintain (or create) the conversation about the work we do on Instagram or, for example, to disclose any findings that we have made.

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