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Posted by on Aug 17, 2012 in Entertainment, Windows |

How to Know if your computer can run a particular game?

How to tell if your computer can run a particular game?

When thinking about computer games and complete recall my years of addiction to FIFA and the World of Warcraft, I come to mind several scenarios:

  • Leave to try a game because you think your computer does not bear.
  • You get the game and try to install it you get a warning saying you do not have a processor fast enough, or you need more RAM.
  • You get the game, you manage to install but not run.
  • You get the game, install it, run it but is very slow because you have enough video memory installed on your computer.

The fact is that any of these scenarios is possible, especially if we have a computer, say, not very new. To our relief and greater certainty exists Can you run it? , a useful tool to probe the hardware of your computer in seconds, from the browser and for free.

Simply enter the application, select the game you want to check and click on the “Can you run it?”. Within seconds receive a detailed report that compares the performance of our computer with the minimum and recommended requirements of the game in question.

If your computer does not exceed the requirements in any section, the tool itself will tell us what is missing and we will make recommendations to update the hardware. The checks performed are:

  • CPU type
  • CPU speed
  • Amount of RAM
  • Operating system installed
  • Video Card
  • Sound Card
  • Available disk space

In order to run the analysis you need to download an ActiveX component or Java Plug-in, which does not represent any problem. Beyond access to system information, the application requests access or store any personal information. Works fine on Windows XP, 2000, Vista and 7, with the navegadors Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome.

How to tell if your computer can run a particular game? image 2

The game list is constantly updated. We can even find in it some titles that have not yet reached the market, for example, FIFA13 and World of Warcraft: Mist of Pandarian .

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