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Posted by on Sep 27, 2012 in Social Networks |

How to leverage Facebook Targeted Posts

How to leverage Facebook Targeted Posts

One of the latest developments that are launched Targeted Posts, which give us the ability to segment our publications to reach exactly the audience we need. It seems silly, but if you really know how to use it, we can increase our number of impressions and the amount of interaction we get to the account. Here’s how to do it simply.

Segmentation is an old concept in advertising, and digital marketing, which allows us to reach the right audience with the necessary resources-read, on-budget according to certain variables. For example, if we do an advertisement or an action related to the female audience, is better segmented according to this audience, and leave out the men.

The segmentation does not always work. Sometimes segmented campaigns are not as successful as expected and end up being much more expensive than a campaign aimed at the general public. Fortunately, the budget is not something you should worry because we’ll be driving with Facebook Ads at this time. The Targeted Facebook Posts allow us to segment according to certain variables:

  • Gender
  • Marital status
  • Education
  • Interests (male or female)
  • Age
  • Location
  • Language

As you may have guessed, are the same variables that Facebook lets us complete when we create our own. That is, the allow us to create specialized content according to the users’ digital personality. So, we can talk to certain people and leave out others, something that previously could not be done within a single fanpage. The Targeted Posts, and allow us to focus all of the amount of fans in one place, but ignoring your personalized needs. This is clear in cases where a brand has different followers according to the language, for example.

If we use the variables offered Facebook properly, we can increase our interaction and user arrival. To do this, we have to select these options directly from the box fanpage updates:

How to leverage Facebook Targeted Posts image 2

There we will see the number of users to which we will achieve according to the variables that we inserted. You may say that it is better to reach thousands of people hundreds, but the key is to understand that is if something is for a type of person, the rest or her attention. Better save our bullets for what it’s worth.

Now these posts appear to everyone in our timeline, but appear differently for users in your newsfeed.

When Work Targeted Posts?

  • Quantity: when we have a fanpage with a lot of users. If we have a fanpage small, with just hundreds or thousands of followers, it will not work too segmenting our content. We will need to have a good amount of thousands of followers to be effective.
  • Campaigns: when we are running a campaign that we believe will work best with a certain audience. The contests usually work best when speaking, but sometimes the prize is attracting niche audiences.
  • Content: When you’re making a planning content that requires us to come to only a portion of our population, discarding the rest of the fans who do not contribute anything to the discussion.

Given these three keys, we can begin to maximize the Targeted Posts, a new feature that undoubtedly makes our work much more.

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