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Posted by on Nov 28, 2012 in Economy and Business |

How to make money?

How to make money?

For many people and companies this is the ultimate question. The trying to solve a thousand different ways, creating disparate strategies and changing the essence of a peaceful way through a maze of dollars and ghosts. Although this is not the right question, if we are pragmatic or greed eats away at us, sooner or later we will have to ask it.

Undoubtedly, there are people who never asks this question, preferring the simple hippie: What excites me and makes me vibrate in life?, If properly respond and work hard, earn more than ever achieved make pragmatic or infected with greed.

But today we are pragmatic, and we will try to answer that question in the simplest way, without major economic explanations, or unrealistic self-help techniques. To make money you have basically four ways:

  1. Being a good employee
  2. Create a great company
  3. Selling a product
  4. Selling a service

There are more ways, but these are the fundamentals. Keep in mind though, that the four paths can be joined or separated depending on the reality you build.

Many individuals and forget that this is the way to make money and can spend part of their life trying many things rather than chart a wide angle and focus. The best way to begin to understand the world and how it works, is simplifying. You can make mistakes and forget important details, but understand things from the complexity, mistakes make us exponentially. This is the case of those who create a company with the sole purpose of selling, think they understand the complexity of the world, but do not understand the basic essentials, have no idea that the company does not sell a product or service in order to be profitable.

This is where the argument can further simplify the four ways to make money: To achieve revenue must sell something. You can be an employee, but the money you pay has to come from the sale of something. So if you need to make money selling a product or a service. This may be short-lived, may have variants, may be a mixture of things, but at the end of the story, you have to leave a boat somewhere, has to get to a store, and there must be a client with the motivation to pay. The boat can be physical containers filled, or it may be virtual, full of ideas and applications.

If you need to make money selling something, we have to understand why people buy something. It’s really important to focus on people because at the end of the whole economic process, all the money that moves, got its start in that moment when an individual decides to buy something. Today’s society, and all its businesses, companies and jobs are created to meet human needs. This is too often forgotten. It’s a puzzle, it is true that there are companies that only sell to companies, or companies that are of a government, or a thousand different ways to make money, at levels 4, 8, 15, 16, 23 and 42 of the large map, but all this is so intricate that ants (we) can live.

Buy products and services primarily for two reasons: to survive and to live an experience. We bought food and a bed for basic needs, if we have money left to buy things begin to generate stories in our minds and have life experiences, create memories and enjoy: beers Friday night, the dream trip to the Greek Islands Xbox, sushi with friends, the ticket for the premiere of The Hobbit, the cable TV service to watch The Walking Dead and so impossible to experience the life of a group of friends cirscunstanciales besieged by zombies. Buy products to survive and to live (our life or the imagination of others to create).

To make money we need to focus our knowledge, our skills and effort to produce / create / sell / distribute something that meets these basic elements and principles. And again we find different levels of the economy. Life seems to be more a game of Donkey Kong, where we decided that we began to dodge barrels level, linearity that we teach our parents and the educational system. We must decide where we want to be and where we feel more comfortable, we can be manufacturers, distributors can be, to be designers, marketers can be. In other words, we can establish or work in a factory or garage, we can search for the world to distribute products in our city or country, we can design or write or record or draw a product to be sold by a distributor and / or assembled in any manufactures, we can open a store.

The tools are available, knowledge has never been so close at hand, the possibilities that technology gives us are really impressive. You can start with little capital because nowadays there is a whole structure supporting the entrepreneur, either directly or with the progress of science. Never, in the history of mankind, to produce a product or service had been so about a single individual. The difficult thing is to find what our path, clearly define what we love and how we can transform that passion into something we can sell.

Want to make money? Find those life experiences that move you, and passionate. Understand how that makes you vibrate part of something that other people want, or want to live. Develop the knowledge to create a product or service based on what defines you as a human being. That you know well.

Like coffee, make something like the Cube Mugs. I like to tell stories, you like to play, make something like Story Cubes. You like robots and mobile applications, creating the next Sphero. You like bags and protective Incase starts racing. You like to play Magic The Gathering and enjoy as anyone to try craft beers, mix things up and make the first set of collectible beer labels, bands every six pack that comes with a game, you will create a better Friday night to millions of people worldwide. Like writing, Harry Potter mixture with The Walking Dead with the House Taken , and become a millionaire by editing your own book. Moleskine Call to see if you are interested in similar application .

That is the key to making money, big money. Realize that what sells in life is that which generates large and pleasant experiences to customers and users. Fun products, with a great design, with a purpose, with the ability to create magical memories, or to offer solutions, products and services well built / rendered. Because in the end that’s life, our experiences. And we spend money on silly things, buying things we do not need, but each passing day we become more demanding, and we want real objects and experiences, created and produced by people who have our same passions. The products and services created from the lie will overcome every day for products and services created from the question: What excites me and makes me vibrate in life?

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