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Posted by on Aug 29, 2012 in Windows |

How to mount ISO images for free and without affecting the system

How to mount ISO images for free and without affecting the system

Today it is not uncommon to have no optical drive in the computer-DVD, CD, BluRay, etc.. Of course they are still useful and still sell content on optical formats, but the economic and technical advantages of the drives have led many readers prefer to emulate CD or DVD and store our data in images.

There are several programs on the market capable of reading optical image formats, and in fact it is said that Windows 8 will have integrated support for them. One such program is Virtual CloneDrive .

As you may have probably install a sense of deja vu, and the interface and logo are very similar to those of a program that was popular years ago: CloneCD. In fact, SlySoft, its developer, devised the program discussed here as the utility that would allow us to mount the CD and DVD that we copied to the program.

Of course, in addition to mounting files. Ccd, belonging to CloneCD, can mount with the classics. Iso and a handful of other binary formats.

Why this application and not another? Well, that one can not be too radical, but Virtual CloneDrive is ideal for low resource consumption and low impact on the system. Normally, other applications such as Daemon Tools, probably the industry leader, installed its own driver emulation consuming enough resources and can affect system stability.

Virtual CloneDrive also installs its own driver, but the results are excellent and do not have to reboot to get started. Therefore, it becomes one of the best options for mounting images on the market, and is also free.

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