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Posted by on Dec 5, 2012 in Internet, Mobile | 1 comment

How to organize and clean up your email account with the new Gmail for Android

How to organize and clean up your email account with the new Gmail for Android

The increasing use of Internet and its boom several years ago made people was launched to test technologies although not so new, they were still undiscovered. These include email, a communication system that is still used today as a way to share conversations and official documents, even though social networks have assaulted some of his land. Today it is very common to have an email account on a webmail service, and stiff competition between companies has made much the same as their applications are light years ahead of what we had for example early in the century. Among them Queen , just introduced a major update to its application for Android .

I remember when I started to use the Internet. One of the first things I did was create a renamed today. This covered the basic needs that could be at the time, but soon began to meet problems. The first and most obvious was the capacity limit in the inbox, which sometimes prevented from entering emails that I had sent.

Since then, the cleaning has become one of my obsessions, and keep your mail folders also more or less ordered. Although webmails like Gmail have an impressive capacity-a-10gb, they may get eaten if not discard long post. These things, combined with how difficult it can be to get to Inbox Zero (not having even one for reading mail in the inbox) is what they must have thought the Gmail development team for to launch its latest update .

It lets you archive and delete emails with a flick of your finger, making swipe left or right. This is an excellent way to manage our mail in a single pass, and from the first uses I myself have managed to get rid of much of the garbage that accumulated in different folders.

The default option is configured to archive emails, something that makes them disappear from the inbox, but if you are not much to file, you may want to configure the new functionality to delete mails directly. This requires the following steps:

  • Access Gmail application and once there the settings menu.
  • When our accounts appear, you should select the General settings.
  • Select drag message lists and choose the appropriate option there, in our case, always remove.

All messages will eliminate the trash, so if we err and eliminate an important message, we can recover. Anyway, if you do swipe it will show an undo option.

Undoubtedly one of the best options that you have received in recent times Gmail, in this case its Android application, and proof that sometimes small ideas can lead to great results, and an incredible increase our productivity.

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1 Comment

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