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Posted by on Nov 28, 2012 in Internet |

How to share files directly from Gmail Google Drive

How to share files directly from Gmail Google Drive

One of the many problems we usually find when we send an email with attachments is to size limitations, either from our mail service when sending (limitation on the maximum size of a file and the total weight of messages) and, on the side of the receiver, the space available in your mailbox. For Gmail, the maximum file size is around 25 MB and in case you need to send files larger than we have to resort to services such as Dropbox. Google has its own storage service in the cloud, Google Drive therefore makes sense to take advantage and expand its use in other products of the company. With that in mind, Google is rolling out a new feature with which we share the files you have in Google Drive through the emails we send from Gmail.

This new functionality, which as usual has been submitted through the blog, is very interesting because it gives us great flexibility to share files and send them via emails. In fact, it opens the door to much larger share files with since we can upload files up to 10 GB and can do so in the next few days since Google is activating these days.

In the same way as with the extension for FileLink Dropbox Dropbox could insert files in emails we sent from Thunderbird, if you have enabled the redesign of Gmail (for writing messages) observe these days as a new button is activated with Drive the Google logo that will serve to attach links to these files. Logically, if we have a file marked as private, it will not be automatically share since Gmail will warn us to make public, on the fly, the file (also work if we ad directly attached link).

How to share files directly from Gmail Google Drive image 2

This scenario, in particular, I like a lot because if we installed the desktop client Google Drive, this service can easily upload files to the cloud and, at any time, they have (or share them from any location or computer). This setting, in my opinion, is to enhance the Google Drive service and encourage their use among users who, in many cases, have become accustomed to using Dropbox and public bonds (which have facilitated, and much, share files ).

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