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Posted by on Aug 17, 2012 in Mac OS X, Mobile, Windows |

How to share the clipboard between Android and PC

How to share the clipboard between Android and PC

Attention to the following idea because it is one of the best I’ve seen lately on Android, along with Phone 2 Chrome , the tool used to send pages from our terminal to your computer Andora. This is ClipSync, a utility to share the clipboard between Windows and Android, and soon to Mac

Again, being an application that synchronizes two devices with completely different systems, we must do two facilities. First, the client-server Windows . Attention because there is even an application that supports the new Windows 8. Furthermore, the Android application , available on Google Play. Come to the first.

Installation is similar to other Windows programs, and the advantage is that we will not have to configure anything except maybe give network permissions in the firewall system. With Android it is the same: We must take notice that we have installed the Windows client. Made these steps, all of us to copy desktop will be available on Android and vice versa.

Android application has a Windows server aggregator that does not need to use unless you do not automatically detect the computer where you installed the application. If this happens, we can see the IP of the same icon in the system tray for the server and then insert it into the Android application.

ClipSync is a great idea that meets the needs of working continuously with both devices, computer and smartphone-or tablet-, and we have to keep in mind that everything we copy on both devices will be available in the other, by you have to be careful not to crush the information we have on the local clipboard.

By the way, if you noticed, ClipSync can serve not only to synchronize two devices to the clipboard, but to all of our local network. That is perhaps the inconeniente: Works only on local network and not 3G. Coming soon, on the Mac, so we can all save the world:



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