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Posted by on Sep 4, 2012 in Guides / Tips |

How to synchronize your email using Dropbox

How to synchronize your email using Dropbox

When using clients like GMail or we know we can access all our emails and attachments from wherever we are. But when we are using a desktop application for work, such as Microsoft Outlook or Thunderbird, then we are in trouble. How can we have all these emails are usually stored locally stored in the cloud in order to access them whenever we need it?

An excellent way to do this is through Dropbox . We learned of this methodology by Lifehacker and it really works, what we need to do is store the application profile precisely in order to take our mail to wherever. Now, the first thing we have to do is check you have enough storage space on our own. If you’re using a free account, would have to consider getting extra space, so you can easily reach 2GB fill post.

We begin with our PST files that belong to Outlook. Here let us store Outlook emails to not deplete the overall disk space (which is usually what happens in a computer network, where mail shares space with other computers and it is better to create local folders to work properly). With Dropbox synchronization can achieve without too much trouble. To find the PST file you want to move to Dropbox have to find it in the Outlook Personal Folders, where clicking “Open File Location” can see where in the disk are located.

With this file we have, we want to have the PST in the cloud, we are. We just move that file to the directory where a folder in Dropbox. With this, we can synchronize our portfolio with different computers. It is true that we can not access with the ease with which we access from Gmail but can sync this PST on all computers that have installed Outlook to always have our emails.

With Thunderbird, the case is a little different. What we have to do is move our profile again to a Dropbox folder where we will be able to access from anywhere. The profile folder is located at C: Users, in the Thunderbird folder. What we have to do is copy the file with the extension. Default to our Dropbox folder to sync. Then, you have to edit the file in Notepad profiles.ini, where we change the path of the original folder by the Dropbox folder. All other computers we use with Thunderbird may have the same file to run profiles.ini our Dropbox folder.

The procedure is very simple and allows us to access the benefits of Dropbox. Of course, not equivalent to having the entire suite of GMail contacts, calendar, documents and more in the cloud and in addition we also have the option to sync via IMAP with another service that we do allow access from the web, but if we have limitations on the part of the company where we work, is an option.

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