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Posted by on Aug 1, 2012 in Education, Internet |

How to turn Firefox into the perfect reference tool perfect

How to turn Firefox into the perfect reference tool perfect

In Bitelia always insist on taking full advantage to the computer and the programs and services we consume through it. And, although sometimes we forget, the software we use should help to do just that and not vice versa.

Taking full advantage of your computer and worry about the minimum to keep it, it works for us and be a tool for purposes such as education. And that, today, powered by the Internet, becomes an ideal medium for learning and to take full advantage of our study.

Today I want to Reference Desk , a collection of plugins for Mozilla with which we will draw full advantage of the browser in terms of reference and learning, and we wanted to analyze due to its interesting proposal. Here are their components.


Pocket is the old Read It Later, a service that helps us to not lose any content, wherever we are, and whatever the time it is. For those who do not know, this is a service that could be classified bookmarking because it helps to mark the sites that we find interesting but which may not have the time, then, to read.

Pocket us save them for later, and we can resume them on our mobile devices or at the Mozilla Firefox. All this in a very attractive interface, personally, I prefer that of Instapaper, the other major service with which it competes.


StumbleUpon ‘ve talked for some time. Increasingly popular, this is a discovery service related pages that is refined over time depending on your preferences. The operation is simple. We exchange pages with other users by stumbles and approving or rejecting the new pages that the system proposed.

Over time, the service will have learned enough about the places we visited, and we only propose sites in line with our interests. This is an excellent idea to find references to our favorite songs and enjoy surfing the web differently.


ScrapBook helps us with the management of favorites or bookmarks, under a service that is fast and intuitive, but above all very simple. The bookmarking is transformed to not only save our favorite sites, but also pages of the same or fragments thereof.

The most interesting of ScrapBook is how to manage our elements in collections and in a manner very similar to managing bookmarks from any browser.

3D Wall Coloris

The graphic content is the most important on the web we know today. While years ago it was all text and hypertext-of course-with improved connections, browsers and computers, graphical content has been taking over the web to offer something closer to us.

Coloris allows you to search images in different services, like Google, Flickr or Picasa, and presents them in a totally different: In a 3D wall that is a delight to navigate. The downside is that is so attractive that sometimes forget that we are looking for a specific image and we will want to continue browsing.


As its name suggests, allows us to find SimilarWeb other similar sites. This is one of the ideal solutions to find references to related websites, and its operation is similar to StumbleUpon in the sense that the service will learn our tastes, thanks to the feedback we give. Recommended.


English remains a language of the Internet, and is ideal because of its simplicity compared with other dominant languages such as Spanish or Chinese. So know it is something ideal, but we do not deprive us of contents written in this language.

Merriam-Webster is a powerful dictionary that will give definitions of words in English, and is the perfect complement to the translator usually we use. Find synonyms, explore the different meanings of a word or even get into the slang are now easier than ever.


Another web reference tool. DeeperWeb us into more on the content we consume power and giving us quick access to information extracted from sites like Wikipedia, blogs, specialized technology pages or newspapers.

Always, of course, on the particular issue that we try to develop, and by a technique based on tag cloud, and powered by Google search.

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