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Posted by on Sep 6, 2012 in Entertainment, Multimedia |

How to watch video with subtitles on Xbox 360 and PS3

How to watch video with subtitles on Xbox 360 and PS3

One of the major utilities consoles is that they can serve as a good center half where watch videos on our TV screen, without having to install another device for this. If you see and you like foreign films in original version, chances are you ever need to add subtitles.

One of the problems we face is that neither the nor the PS3 allow you to add a subtitle file as we do with the VLC program, which is enough to drop in the same folder as a. Srt with the same name so that while playing the movie. So what do we do? Do we surrender bitterly and return to the nightmare of seeing movies dubbed? Never ever. Despair not, as the poet said, there is a solution with a few more steps but we will see video with from Xbox 360 and PS3.

For such cases we must embed or paste the subtitles in the film to have a single file that the console can play.

This can be done in various ways and with various programs. To split need two files: the movie (. Avi for example) and the subtitle (. Srt). Depending on the operating system you have we recommend either option.

Pocket Divx Encoder for Windows

Very easy to use program that works very well and serves mainly to convert video to mobile devices, but perfectly fulfills its subtitle paste function. No need to install it in the system but opens directly when we click on the executable file. You can download Pocket Divx Encoder and if needed, Blogoff made a guide to use it step by step.

ffmpegX for Mac OS

This program is very useful and fast but can be tricky at first, because it requires you settle a series of files, but also have to say that it gives you all the necessary links. Recommended to install Perian to use and have no problems codecs. ffmpegX can be downloaded and there ffmpegX tutorial on Scribd done by kiermel that can help.

Script for Linux

Population has written a script to add subtitles to AVI for generously putting Linux available to those who need to add subtitles to a. avi for viewing on Xbox 360. To take this into account if you use Linux.

Once we have the film processed, to play that file on your console we will see subtitled, although unlike other programs will not be possible to recalibrate or take away from there. Therefore it is very important to check the timing before turning and passing it to the console.

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