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Posted by on Nov 7, 2012 in News |

HP launches Connected Music, exclusive music service with Windows 8

HP launches Connected Music, exclusive music service with Windows 8

In Paris and the only No Doubt concert this year, HP has introduced its new music service in an exclusive agreement with Universal Music and will begin selling its new line of computers with Windows 8 . What is? It seems that lately, everyone wants to be Spotify but HP, far from playing (or dare) to a music streaming service over, points to a very specific niche, that of events, concerts and tours for fans and followers of the Universal artists.

Not that is limited exclusively to that, it also includes reproductions, lists and radios all label artists, and allows download songs, but complements these exclusive promotions and that many will be interesting. These promotions range from exclusive private concerts to personally meet the artists, visit the recording studio or traveling with the artist while he tours, for example.

The service is available only as we said for buyers of an HP computer with Windows 8, to be recorded in the same from the team. The 90 days after purchase of the team have built for free streaming service and downloading songs, still need to know if you can then continue to access the service for a fee or simply remains the promotion system.

Because yes, the list of promotions, concerts and events are available to the user beyond 90 days, as long as you register your HP Connected Music ** HP computer with Windows 8, without any expiration date.

HP launches Connected Music, exclusive music service with Windows 8 image 2

HP Connected Music seems certainly an interesting bet and you can have more value to the user undecided, I doubt choose the team exclusively for the service, for the ultimate buyer will see it as an added value. The Universal cataláogo, and after the purchase of EMI Music, is very extensive and includes some of the best artists worldwide.

It has some drawbacks, is exclusively webapp, for example, something that you consider coming out exclusively with Windows 8, could have been fixed with a good application in the store. Moreover, in a world full of Spotifys, and Xbox Music Rdios, offer a streaming service for only 90 days seems a little poor. And worst of all, free song downloads, one of the most striking features is limited to 10 songs every 30 days, ie a total of 30 songs and only available on line and on line Envy Spectre.

HP launches Connected Music, exclusive music service with Windows 8 image 3

In Paris, where we are covering the event, we were able to test the service in some of the new Spectre and, at least in the technical part, it works pretty well, with a fluid player and a clear and simple interface. Failure to see the reception from users and if HP gives the odd step forward in the field of music streaming, which could give some interesting results.

Link: HP Connected Music

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