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Posted by on Nov 19, 2012 in Reviews, SmartPhones, Technology |

HTC 8X in depth analysis

HTC 8X depth analysis

The HTC 8X went on sale in early last week with Vodafone , the first device with available in Spain came to our office in late October. Since then we have tested, and this is our analysis.


The features a one-piece design unique and innovative, available in 4 colors: blue, red, yellow and black. The shape of the device is simple and uniform, without bumps or protrusions, where the camera is integrated without impairing the aesthetic.

The buttons are too flush with the surface, it is sometimes a rather complicated task pressing the ON or OFF.

The material used in the rear of the product, gives a feeling of warmth in addition to being very clean when fingerprints and dirt.

HTC 8X depth analysis image 2

As we noted the brand responsible for the launch event of Windows Phone 8, the shape of the device was straight out of the assets of the new hubs Windows ecosystem. With dimensions of 132.35 x 66.2 x 10.12 mm the device fits perfectly in your hand.

An important detail is the thinness feeling when picked, obtained by the maximum thickness position having a slight curvature in the rear.

Similarly emphasizes the lightness of the device, with its dimensions and only 130 g with battery, 8X HTC is one of its strengths in this area.

HTC 8X depth analysis image 3

The entrance to enter the Micro SIM must be unlocked with a sharp object such as a clip. The opening for introducing the Micro USB is open, no protection of any kind.


The 8X HTC has a touch screen 4.3 “with a resolution of 720×1280 px. The perception of colors, especially the contrast, is one of the aspects that HTC still has work to do in order to fight on equal terms with the competition.

Yes, the screen is Gorilla Glass 2, so you do not have to spend all day yet where to leave your device from scratching the screen, is something I greatly appreciated, I can attest.

HTC 8X depth analysis image 4

One of the things that surprised me is how sensitive the screen is, while Nokia has touted ultra loud and clear the sensitivity of the new screens in the new wave of products, HTC has not said anything about this item .

And, if the new Nokia Lumia 920 can interact with the device screen perfectly with gloves on 8X HTC can do it the same way, without any problems.


The HTC 8X has a 8 MP main camera with autofocus, LED flash and BSI sensor that improves image capture in low light.

The camera is capable of recording video at 1080p HD, and with its wide-angle technology exclusive 88th we take pictures of group covering an area nearly three times higher than other cameras in the mobile market.

HTC 8X depth analysis image 5

The device also integrates a 2.1 MP front camera, capable of 1080p HD recordings, which follow the Microsoft specifications for new models to take full advantage of applications like Skype .

HTC 8X depth analysis image 6

HTC 8X depth analysis image 7

When taking pictures, surprising speed with the device for processing and return when you want to make new ones, the device can easily make one picture per second, even on occasion to make two in one second.


Another of the highlights of HTC 8X, where you can take advantage of competition is in the sound. The device has a special integrated amplifier, which provides a great power to the headphones without affecting the slim design.

HTC 8X depth analysis image 8

In addition to this, the new range will first HTC with Beats Audio technology that provides deep bass, clear vocals and crisp high notes in our music, games, movies or videos.


One of the big problems I’ve encountered with 8X HTC boot is its speed, and the device is that it takes up to 35 seconds to show the home screen of Windows Phone 8, ie almost three times more than a Nokia Lumia 800 with Windows Phone 7.

Although I have not been able to compare with the start of the new Nokia Lumia, one would expect this time boot comes largely given by the system, so it would be a great look to improve by Microsoft.

HTC 8X depth analysis image 9

Of course, once lit, Windows Phone 8 runs completely smooth, with no erratic movements with several applications open, thanks to Qualcomm S4 processor 1.5 GHz dual core built into the device.

The HTC 8X uses a lithium ion battery with a capacity of 1800 mAh, which in my hands takes about 24 hours. Again, in my hands, that is, to stop all day, with multiple applications running at once, uninterrupted hours of Angry Birds Star Wars , minutes and minutes of calls, Office Mobile 2013 and loud music with headphones Beats … You do not understand me?

HTC 8X depth analysis image 10

For a normal consumer, possibly battery life of 48 hours is readily. And if you use the battery saving option included in the system, and be careful with the brightness and the internet consumption battery life can be about 4 days.

An interesting aspect that brings HTC are exclusively 8X settings smartphone. These settings allow us to hang up a call by turning to our device, increase the tone when the device is placed in a pocket or purse and mute the background noise when you lift a call.



I’m asking! The HTC 8X is a device that has surprised me, especially after their pitiful performance at the launch of Windows Phone 8 in Spain .

Now I understand why this is the flagship device for Microsoft Windows Phone 8, is that even though HTC will not use heavily advertised as the case of Nokia, the device has great potential.

As strengths, the device has a touch and perfect weight, it costs nothing to be carried by hand, is more like wearing. Sound quality is brutal with Beats Audio technology, but also perfect if you do not have a headset brand. It has a good camera and an operating system wanting to revolutionize the market.

In contrast, I found enough problems when pressing the buttons on the surface due to excessive adjustment, the boot time is high compared to devices running Windows Phone 7, and the screen quality is good though Compared to the competition, could be better.

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