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Posted by on Nov 12, 2012 in Present, Technology |

HTC and Apple agree on its patent battle

HTC and Apple agree on its patent battle

One of the most gray world of technology, in my point of view, is the patent world, a dark battlefield that allows large companies to litigate in courts around the world or that large firms undertake purchase and sale of other companies to trade with patents they treasure. While patents is something we carry in industry for many years, have been gradually leading to strange situations in which, for example, pays him $ 5 to Microsoft for every handset sold. One company that has been fighting harder in the “patent war” is Apple, of Cupertino have faced big companies like Samsung in courts around the world and even to small companies that appeared in the staging process the story of David and Goliath. Besides the against Samsung (with fault millionaire who met in late August), the company also maintained a lawsuit against HTC for patent violation. But in a surprising twist, it appears that the confrontation between HTC and Apple has dissolved through diplomatic channels and the two companies have reached an agreement (valid for 10 years) in which both companies are “hired” to use their patents to each other.

After 32 months of conflict worldwide, the companies have reached an Agreement that was announced briefly on the Apple website that puts peace in a war in which any company ends up spending a lot of money in trials, appeals and, as Armies of lawyers worldwide. ‘And that simple? With an agreement terminating the war?

Such agreements are not so simple and, at the end, put on the table many factors and tradeoffs that are rarely made public (at least officially). Basically, we are talking about money and wipe out the competition, which traditionally have linked to innovation (make good products) but that, over time, it has also become a war on the courts to see if two closely resemble products infringes any patent and registered in the form of operating with a device or in appearance.

Against Apple, HTC was one of the weakest opponents of this battle (and indeed its market power is retracting), therefore, it was a front that really did not have a strategic rival who beat and therefore the sooner this matter zanjase before could put the focus on other issues such as the fight against Samsung. It seems that both companies could share patents (Apple has thousands of patents registered in the U.S. versus 300 having HTC), a point on which HTC is the outright winner because it could use to your advantage on some of the patents to usability and interaction that Apple has (and iOS have made an exciting platform from the point of view of the user experience). In return, though not specified anything, it’s likely that HTC have to pay a certain amount of money Apple (said to be between 5 and 20 dollars) for every Android handset that comes on the market (as compensation).

HTC and Apple agree on its patent battle image 2

Given the compensation millionaire who condemned the Samsung in late August (with a calculation based on sales), HTC agreement may, in general, a relief that will allow it to focus on its operations (with the extra worry to some patents and trials) but they are going to be taxed for compensation which, added to the already dragged from Microsoft, could mean dragging a charge of between 10 and 25 dollars in compensation for each terminal to hit the market (a detail that perhaps may distract the world HTC Android and even closer to Windows Phone).

Furthermore, the agreement with Apple HTC, brings two very important details. On one hand, shows the change of mind in the Cupertino who have, over time, you want to delete to Android from the face of the Earth (policy Steve Jobs) to settle legal battles trying to focus on what is important, innovation (the vision of Tim Cook). Moreover, this agreement worsens the situation of Samsung in its confrontation with Apple and, in the same way that Microsoft has agreements with 14 manufacturers of Android devices, it would not be unreasonable to think that the situation ends channeled with a similar formula (although Samsung holds artillery rather, patents with Apple to face).

The pincer movement from Microsoft and Apple against Android, ie against Google, are getting cornered several Android device makers and, in the case of HTC, after this agreement will profitably develop them? Terminals considering charges ranging to suffer? If we consider that the most popular Android handsets are precisely the cheapest (which are replacing conventional mobile phones), will there be enough margin for profit or Android will have to leave and seek other alternatives?

Unfortunately, this patent war has already its “next big battle”, which take on Apple against Motorola, ie directly against Google, so this war still seems to be something far from over.

Picture: IntoMobile and Business Insider

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