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Posted by on Sep 5, 2012 in Events, SmartPhones |

HTC could present its first phones with Windows Phone 8

HTC could present its first phones with Windows Phone 8

While Apple confirmed an event for September 12 , which is expected to present the iPhone 5 , HTC, meanwhile, invited also an event for the 19th of this month, but without revealing further details of the reason .

According to reports that have circulated the web in recent days, this event would be announcing their first phone with Windows Phone 8, which would fall squarely in the race that began as Nokia and Samsung to occupy the first place in sales terminal with the new Microsoft mobile operating system, which will be presented in November.

Although so far we have only speculation, the presentation of phones by HTC would have nothing strange, then remember that besides having different Android models on the market, the Taiwanese company took its first steps with terminals running Windows Mobile and more recently, Windows Phone 7. Additionally, an early foray into this segment HTC would give greater opportunity to improve their numbers, as the company currently does not pass a good time, getting to lose up to $ 40 million dollars last month.

It also sounded much the rumor that Facebook would be preparing its own smartphone in collaboration with HTC , so we could also speculate a little about the possible launch of this device, even if Mark Zuckerberg has denied it recently … Will they want to surprise ?

The event in question will be held in New York City today, September 5, will be the epicenter of a major announcement by Microsoft and Nokia that keeps us in suspense, even though we know it has something to do with the very Windows Phone 8.

Undoubtedly, the “ad time” is quite interesting and it looks like it will continue this pace, at least for a couple of months. Particularly, although I confess Android fan, I am excited what Microsoft has been doing recently and I really like to see Windows Phone 8 become a great success and, of course, see HTC catching up, putting the fight in the field of smartphones lot closer.

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