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Posted by on Sep 7, 2012 in Gadgets |

HTC One X + count on the new processor Tegra 3 +

HTC One X + count on the new processor Tegra 3 +

Today there have been several rumors that have come about upcoming releases of HTC, and is that after the presentation of the new Nokia Lumia Nokia World 2012 during a couple of days ago, is expected this response in the Asian manufacturer event held on 19th September where there is already talk of the presentation of an HTX 8X with Windows Phone 8. However, Android would also be present at this event, and according to a possible leak , I would go all out.

The event would be presented until now called HTC One X+, an updated One X but counting differences and performance improvements, where especially highlights the presence of a new processor, among other things.

The New Tegra 3 model?

According to the XDA Developers member who did so (same person in filtering details HTC 8X), the One X+ come with a new model of powerful mobile processor in its latest NVidia generation Tegra 3.

This new chip would be called Tegra 3+ and NVidia would code AP37, having a quad-core version with a 1.6 GHz frequency and a single core version with a clock frequency of 1.7 GHz certainly sounds impressive, and if real, would assess its performance benchmarks to compare with the Tegra 3 original and see the changes or improvements.

Other technical features include a One X + screen is an unknown size, thickness 9.3mm, weight of 129 grams, 1 GB RAM, internal storage capacity of 32 GB, maintains the same 1800 mAh battery but comes with Android version 4.1 Jelly Bean and interface HTC Sense 4.5.

We will have to wait until next September 19 to confirm or deny the report on this mobile.

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