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Posted by on Dec 21, 2012 in Rumors, Tablets |

HTC plans to enter the tablet market with Windows 8

HTC plans to enter the tablet market with Windows 8

HTC is reportedly planning to make with , the new operating system from Microsoft, to compete in 2013 in a market that moves a year over 63 billion dollars, according to have revealed to Bloomberg sources familiar with the matter.

HTC, excluding this year’s first wave of Windows 8 tablets, is working on two devices, one 12-inch and 7-inch that can make phone calls, according to a source familiar with the plans of the company, not want to be identified.

With the introduction of in the tablet market with Windows 8, has found another ally in its battle against Apple and Google.

HTC products which will debut in 2013, will be based on the version RT Windows operating system from Microsoft, designed for devices using ARM technology.

A 7-inch tablet would be the first device of this size for Windows RT, with which Microsoft will try to compete against Apple mini iPad, Amazon Kindle Fire or Google Nexus 7.

HTC have also considered making a tablet with Windows 8 on Intel, but their plans were destroyed, after determining approximate sales prices to $ 1,000, making it difficult to obtain given the low sales benefits that would be reported.

This month, the company also canceled a project to create a larger-screen version of one of their devices with Windows Phone 8 , due to problems that would have a lower resolution in this type of display over competitive models .

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