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Posted by on Sep 26, 2012 in Internet |

HTML5ify, force the use of HTML5 in YouTube and other sites

HTML5ify, force the use of HTML5 in YouTube and other sites

The truth is that although we think that HTML5 is relatively new, it takes time among us and multiple tools not only support it but they are responsible for pulling it off. Mainly browsers, of course, which do get content that is very easy to visualize without any third party tool.

I am referring to Flash, which for a long time was an invaluable tool, and even enjoyed today-or we deal with it. Okay, it’s true. Most of the sites continue to use this technology, but it is easier than ever replaced. Are the reasons for doing so?

  • Better performance with reproduction and consumption integrated into the browser.
  • Increased security. With we are using a third-party that often has been affected by vulnerabilities that could even jeopardize the integrity of the entire team.
  • Independence, not rely on third parties and we can enjoy the content directly in the browser.

The question is, how to use instead of Flash? Well. Mainly choosing services that are committed to this standard as the engine of your multimedia contents. Google Music or Grooveshark are some examples, and if we look at the field of popular video services available HTML5 version while still using Flash.

The clearest example is that of YouTube , and force the use of HTML5 in Chrome is easy with tools like HTM5ify that simply takes care of it for us automatically, and prevents the Flash even when we have the plugin installed.

Let’s see how it works. The first is to download the . The browser will alert us that the plugin is installed, and unlike others, it will not place an icon on the keypad of extensions.

For simplicity has not even options, and simply will be installed to enter and enjoy a YouTube video using HTML5 technology we do.

Currently are supported sites like Vimeo, YouTube Amazon or said, but their status as open source predicts that the list be expanded soon.

By the way, if you are web developers or maybe you are iniciandoos or gathering information, it does not hurt that you go for a great article by Eduardo Briceno in which we recommended 5 tools to simplify the development in the technology.

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