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Posted by on Sep 5, 2012 in Technology |

Huawei: “No spied for China”

A little less than two months a former Pentagon analyst openly accused the manufacturers ZTE and Huawei to include, within the communications equipment sold to operators worldwide, backdoors to intercept 80% of communications planet and provide their China. The indictment, quite serious indeed, coming straight from an investigation opened in the U.S. Congress to assess the closeness of these manufacturers with the Chinese government and the possibility that both could “hide” some surprises in their teams practically used by most operators in the world. now is is what you want to get rid of all these misgivings and decided to respond to the accusations with a report on the security of their systems that also was written by the former head of the British government systems.

Although seen so you might think that it is an independent expert, John Suffolk , the former head of the information systems of the UK government, Huawei is currently working as responsible for security of the company and, perhaps thinking of his dual role, Chinese manufacturer has decided that it is the person in charge to dispel some doubts, for example, have made Australia prohibits the use of their equipment in the infrastructure of broadband network (which is public).

In a 25-page report, Suffolk states that Huawei has never done spying for China and, therefore, their computers are perfectly safe to use in any situation, including:

We take information security very seriously and we have invested a number of resources to promote and enhance the capabilities of our company, our partners and other members of the value chain to provide the best security guarantees and contribute to a world networks more secure.

For our own survival as a company, we have never caused any harm to any nation nor have we tried to remove intelligence, business secrets or violate the privacy of users and will never contribute to these practices nor do tolerate. Never support any organization or country that asks us to undertake these activities.

The statements, of course, fall into what one might expect in a report of its kind that aims to dispel any doubt about the intentions of the manufacturer (especially when they are closing these accusations market) and, with the idea to clean up their image, urge governments and companies to conduct audits of its equipment to be convinced that they have nothing to hide.

Anyway, in the remains open Congressional investigation to analyze the degree of relationship with Chinese manufacturers (with increasing presence in the technology sector operations in the United States) with the government and assess whether the suspicions ( and accusations that are poured) are more or less justified (the Chinese government, for example, subsidizes these manufacturers ). The idea of the audit, of course, is not a bad idea and, perhaps, might be to establish a policy when making any purchase of communication equipment (although surely slow down any purchasing process) regardless of manufacturer or require certain safety certifications, in any case, this issue is sure to continue to open for some time.

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