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Posted by on Dec 7, 2012 in Gadgets |

Hue, the intelligent toaster toasts bread perfectly

Hue, the intelligent toaster toasts bread perfectly

Thanks to technology, we can do many things better than a few years ago. The problem is that we normally do tasks that have remained unchanged over time. These are things you may not think that can be improved but when someone comes up with an innovation we can not live without it.

One of these innovations is the Hue . There is nothing that we can ask except a toaster toast bread and always do well. But surely one has had to pull because I was burnt toast. Or put it in the toaster to thaw and see how it was squishy. And we would all like to have that color our golden toast that makes them so appealing.

For this toaster and promises to do this easily. Its creator is Basheer Tome , a student of industrial design course at Georgia Tech who has designed this toaster as part of its fall. To achieve this has made the toaster “see” the color that takes the toasted bread and the toaster color you see is the same as a human sees.

This has introduced color sensors inside the prototype and the user can adjust the dial on a brown or tan you want the bread. The toaster will stop only when it has the color mark. Therefore requires no defrost mode or anything else. It also has a special mode for bagels in which it is detected when inserting a roll of color variations that exist between the two sides. Then adjust the heat in proportion.

Hue, the intelligent toaster toasts bread perfectly image 2

In this way we avoid having to deal with dials with numbers never know they mean and which change from model to model. The toaster also has a painting Hue thermochromatic in which when cold stays black color as it warms and becomes more bright thanks to some holes in the exterior, which become visible when passing a certain temperature.

I just hope that some manufacturer will buy the idea and in the future we can see a toaster like this in our homes.

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