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Posted by on Dec 19, 2012 in Science, Technology |

IBM’s 5 predictions for the next five years

IBM's 5 predictions for the next five years

For seven years, by this time the call is published 5 in 5 ( #ibm5in5 ), or IBM’s five predictions for the next five years. This year is dedicated to the era of Cognitive Computing and specifically to the five senses.

  • Touch: You will be able to play through your phone
  • Vista: A pixel is equivalent to a thousand words
  • Ear hear how important computers
  • Taste: Taste buds digital help you eat smarter
  • Smell: The computers will have the sense of smell

The cognitive computing is a new paradigm that seeks to establish and change the way that computers work and communicate with humans. The term has many variations and inventions concrete, but essentially means that computers have a lot to learn from the human brain.

According to IBM have been two types of computers. Tabulators First, simple automated abacus. Then now, programmable calculators. Ie giant supercomputers are little more than large calculators.

The third step in computing are cognitive systems. Watson , the computer that won Jeopardy TV contest, would be the first example. Computers you no longer have to program but you have to train. Learning Computers. Computers that artificial intelligence AI becomes reality and not just theory.

But computers need to communicate with men and be at your service. And the men we communicate through the senses. So the computer should start interpreting sensory information we handle humans. Hence the five predictions for this year.

Touch : You will be able to play through your phone

Use your phone to feel the texture of the materials will be essential in the future. Managing your vibration will recognize different fabrics and materials. In the distribution and health sectors, the sense of touch by using pressure sensitive will know what the material it is made a garment, cotton, linen … and see if it is sturdy or soft.

The passage of the video game industry trade represents a massive opportunity that we can play.

Vista : A pixel is equivalent to a thousand words

It is the sense worked, but since we are very visual beings, which promises greater possibilities.

We stock thousands of photographs but we enjoyed tagging to classify or save. Computers can only read the labels we put. In the this will be very different. The image recognition software is starting to explode. Soon computers will begin to understand what is in a picture, what is the meaning.

If this is important to our pictures, what is even more for certain types of records such as doctors. Interpret radiographs or scanner, find the anomaly, find or rule out the tumor will image recognition technologies that will save lives.

Ear : Computers hear how important

Also heard is a special meaning for humans. It based our most precious tool, language. The computers begin to approach the language, but in the future will provide amazing results.

You hear something fall and you know what is falling. You hear the wind or the sea. You hear birds. You hear cars. Everything interpret fairly correction, if something is new, your prediction is quite good. Computers do not. In the future will be able to interpret all these sounds and see if a car is approaching on a collision course or blackbirds herald spring.

Similarly, human language will be incomprehensible jargon. Even may recognize the meaning of rudimentary vocalizations of a baby. The sounds cease to be a complete mystery to computers.

Taste : Taste buds digital help you eat smarter

The taste of the food is pure chemistry. Molecules that combined allow a substance taste or feel disgust toward her. But not everything that is tasty is healthy. And we are far from knowing all the wonderful flavors but professional chefs and home chefs million every day we strive to innovate.

The computers will know the chemical breakdown of the flavors and find their connection to the psychology of pleasure leads us to consume. Then we can get new combinations hitherto unexplored. And more importantly, you get healthier food is more appetizing improving the eating habits of the world. The food is so serious that computers are going to have to deal with it.

Smell : The computers will have the sense of smell

No smell is a sense in that we emphasize. Almost all animals do better than us, we have more confidence in the eye and the ear. This is why computers can help us both.

The smartphones will be equipped with olfactory sensors that will help us identify risks associated with smell like something burning or rotting. The hospitals will be equipped with sensors that can detect what is disinfected. Also what food is bad before we know it. They can smell up a wheat field to find moisture. The computers of the future will insert nose around.

These are the 5 in 5 predictions. You can check the predictions made during the past seven years and then draw your conclusions.

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