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Posted by on Sep 13, 2012 in Internet |

Iceland discussion block pornography and gambling online for security reasons

Iceland discussion block pornography and gambling online for security reasons

It seems that the movement initiated by UK security to prevail over the rights of citizens could reach Iceland. And is that two of the largest suppliers in the country would be debating whether to block gambling and on the Internet for security reasons.

And in the UK is running a bill by which providers must save all data and records of British users in the network (from emails to pages look) for at least twelve months. Time in which the government could request personal information of citizens in case of ongoing investigation. A movement which puts the safety to user privacy.

Now it seems to to join the initiative or at least discuss it. Vodafone and thinking would block access to sites related to gambling and betting with pornography. The reason, defend possible malware subscribers.

A service as itself, would require ISPs and mobile operators have a service package where pornographic images were excluded. The company talks about a service that already has, Online Filtering Service, which henceforth would default and that should be disabled by users as.

Siminn Meanwhile, another major suppliers in the country, has since 2008 been offering its subscribers the ability to block pornography and “harmful content” through Net protector, a free tool where users choose to block. Although they claim that is not in their plans necessarily block access to this content, Siminn explains that:

For now just debating on the issue as it does in the UK. Our view is that all service providers should be involved in these discussions. In the future we will study new measures to protect children.

New measures to achieve blocking access executed by Internet companies and in cooperation with the authorities.

A debate on the removal of certain content on the network for security reasons.

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