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Posted by on Oct 31, 2012 in Guides / Tips, Social Networks |

Ideas to organize an event in social networks

Internet allows us to be in contact with many people and there are great tools for organizing events in the real world, either professionally to any user who wants to organize a meeting or party for your friends or contacts.

But the success of a meeting or call is not only in the effectiveness of the tools used but largely on the famous human component in all the assistants and the climate and the expectations you have about the meeting, event or party. It’s those details that must not be neglected and therefore they are a number of practical points to consider.

  • Online Tools
    We have used the best service to call via internet, but if our guests are not familiar with this type of tool, will not do much. You must first understand how they communicate and from where access to the internet to think what the best way to make them feel part. If you are geeks who spend all day on the Internet, may seem trivial and they are more fun to use other service like Google+, but if most of the attendees are people who feel comfortable in using Facebook and other services You know where you can summon.

Facebook is the classic. A Facebook can turn almost always for the obvious reason that almost everyone has an account there, and its integrated tool is well known. Another of its pluses is that it is very easy to create events and set their privacy settings so that our event fits what we need.

Ideas to organize an event in social networks image 2

One option that I like to call events is offered by Google+. Little known by now, but very interesting for what good it looks and functionalities that allow integrating a calendar automatically make it private or public, choose a header image between proponents and fantastic designs so guests can invite other or comment on the wall. Although not many have used it, yes there are many people who use Gmail, so if your guests like to know new tools can be a good option.

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If your meeting is informal and you are looking for a tool that integrates private fun group, one of the best options is Pickate , which also allows guests to propose and vote the meeting activities.

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  • Organizers connected
    If the meeting or event is probably larger organizers are many and in this case it is good to provide for the way they communicate to organize the event. You may be using the same tool that organizes or through some other channel, but it needs to be well defined tasks and functions, and what is going to communicate, so that information is always clear and avoid misunderstandings, it social networks can spread very rapidly.
  • When sending the invitation?
    Must be notified in good time for people to keep you a place on the agenda but it should not do too earlier because there is a risk that people will forget your event, or that the expectation decays. This depends on the type of event and will be in accordance with the deadlines in the planning. Anyway, to send invitations a week is a measure that can be used, but this usually varies depending on the profile of your guests and calendar of activities which have. Often useful to also send a reminder about two days before the event.
  • Involve your guests:
    Although you would want to be in control of the organization and decide key issues of the meeting, event or party, or book yourself surprises for your guests, be sure to ask or take into account the views of potential attendees. Not only will help you keep ideas that had not happened and you know what they like, but also to create a good atmosphere with these expectations that give excitement to a party or event, and make everyone feel really part .
  • Update in real time:
    If the event is open most people probably could not go but want to know what is happening, and if your guests are having a good, also want to tell. Let these two points are connected and have prepared a hashtag or a place where those pictures and updates can be seen. Much of the fun is to see what others are saying at the event / party and communicate with them in this way. Gathering all these conversations can go creating a record that guests want to return them when they remember the event.
  • The Day After: Normally attendees may have been discussing the event and posting photos on social networks, but all this information usually be divided into different sites and after a while you lose. Both as those who were not able to thank you the next day there is a post or an update to summarize what happened, they also serve to reinforce the networking they could have done those attending. Associating faces with websites and social media accounts of people who knew there is essential for those who are known through internet.
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