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Posted by on Aug 8, 2012 in Entertainment, Guides / Tips, Mobile, Multimedia |

Identification music on your smartphone

Identification music on your smartphone

I still remember how surprised I was years ago when a coworker showed me the latest fashion application on your Nokia phone. An application using which one could identify the song that was playing at the time and receive data from the performer and the title. To my surprise, it worked even less well known topics.

Since then it has rained a lot and this application, I am about to include in a list of 5 utilities with which to make your music identification mobile devices, it remains one of the most popular.


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is the application of the talking in the short introduction to this article, and not only one of the best known but also the oldest. The company was founded in 1999 in the UK, and has been operating in the field of musical identification since the launch of the application in 2002.

Using the phone microphone can pick up music information to be sent to the servers and analyze the call by noise footprint, which we’ll talk another day, for information concerning the title and performer. Most surprising is that, although no service is infallible, the ability to find the title of the theme we are hearing is quite high.

Shazam is available in a variety of devices and systems, and integrates with other services such as iTunes, YouTube or Spotify itself.


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is the main competitor Shazam, and one of the best options in the market also because of its amazing reliability. We could spend a few paragraphs discussing which one is better and not get to a conclusion: Both are good, and we depend on the database of each company, both awesome as well. But if you ask me, all of the list, I’ll SoundHound.

Why? Because Android application eg to identify issues directly from the desktop, with a shortcut, but also has its own widgets – which not only opens the program but will direct listening mode. Furthermore, once identified we can hear the full track in Spotify, read the lyrics to the song go, or what I like: The historic.

The history allows us to identify each song is recorded for later, for example, re-check your information and listen quietly to get home. Also, if we are in a place where we do not have coverage, SoundHound will ask whether to save the search for later, and send the information when we have Internet access. For me, the best of the list.


SoundHound also, Fort is that it identifies songs even if we who hummed or whistled the, and say it’s the best in this regard.

Unfortunately, the database is very poor, because unlike the two heavyweights on the list, Midomi is based on samples sent by users for identification.

Android Jelly Bean

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Finally, I could not appoint one of the novelties of the latest version of Android 4.1, dubbed Jelly Bean. This version does not include an application of musical identification , but we put a widget on the desktop and helps us to get data from the topic is playing with a single click.

The benefits are minimal compared to the rest, and perhaps the Google database is not at the moment as large as those of SoundHound or Shazam, but running the widget is so good and so minimalist that it was worth mentioning. Having identified the issue, simply re-click on it to go directly to the shopping section of Google Play, where one can get to that topic that we like.

All applications, except the latter, you can find in the various app stores because they are multiplatform.

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