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Posted by on Oct 29, 2012 in Windows |

Identifying Windows 8 musical reaches the hand of Shazam

Identifying Windows 8 musical reaches the hand of Shazam

During the month of August we touch a subject that is quite fashionable and a type of applications that use increasingly more people: The musical identification. However, the article referred to identification via smartphone or mobile device, you can have a well thought more useful but does not have to be the sole support of use. In fact, you can access services like SoundHound or across the desk, and it is the latter that just landed in the Windows Store to be part of the collection of applications.

Shazam is a British company that once had the whole cake of musical identification, and whose applications have been present even before the era mobile smartphone. Like all other existing services, call Shazam uses acoustic fingerprint for identification, which despite not being a foolproof system, is based on the comparison of a series of patterns and parameters that return a number of results.

Let’s see how the application works for Windows 8. First of all: download. We can do this by searching the Windows Store by simply entering the name of the application.

Once you have downloaded and agreed to the terms of service, we must ensure that our microphone works properly for the purpose of identification. If we identify issues or some radio streaming service, I recommend you visit a tutorial recently published indicating the steps to capture any sound played on Windows , although focused on the previous version of the operating system also serves to this .

Begin. The interface is very simple, so it gives the feeling of space left over everywhere. Just use the Shazam button to start, which is none other than the one you see in the image illustrating this article. If we are lucky, we will show a new screen with the result, on the left, and a right pane with several options, depending on the issue and the availability of content for the same:

  • Buy
  • Letters
  • Biography
  • Discography
  • Recommendations
  • Reviews
  • Search on YouTube

Are missing, however, such options to find the clues identified in alternative services to YouTube, or even further integration with this. In the tested version click on the option to search the popular service, or others such as purchasing, we opened the default browser and do a search that could well integrated into the application itself, as no longer a website hosted on servers in the case of Shazam YouTube. Why not show them at least in the browser application?

Anyway, the application complies perfectly, connecting with what is one of the most popular services for audio identification and one of the first to appear. Have you ever used sound identification applications?

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